What We Do

  • Define a clear and measurable set of priorities (the most important things to focus on during a given time period)
  • Implement a system to ensure these priorities get done!
  • Build a culture of alignment, accountability and purpose – and have fun doing it!

Core Purpose

This is WHY we exist!

+10Mhb  Have a positive impact on 10,000,000 human beings!

Core Values

This is HOW we engage with members!

  • There is NO TRY… ONLY DO!
  • I’ve Got Your Back – no matter what!
  • Please and Thank You! – say it and mean it!
  • Everything is an Experience – every time!
  • See Around the Curves – anticipate needs and ‘pre’ fill them
  • Be Curious, ask why and improve!


Petra PlayGround….

A  Leadership & Learning CAMPUS where entrepreneurs, business leaders, and teams gather to create the driving forces of tomorrows business community.