Patrick Burke
Certified Petra Coach

Patrick believes honest, transparent leadership is the key to genuine team engagement and success for all growing organizations. With a leadership mantra of “people bring their whole self to work,” Patrick feels leaders must grow beyond the outdated ‘professional’ mindset and embrace people as people, leading them toward becoming their best selves – by example. 

Patrick has over 16 years of experience in finance, law, and entrepreneurship. He earned degrees from Vanderbilt University and spent time in Wall St. law firms and investment banks. He then founded a restaurant group, washing dishes and bussing tables while leading his diverse team to a multi-location hospitality group with millions in annual revenues. In over a decade in the restaurant business, he has had the opportunity to recruit, train and coach over 1,000 employees.

Patrick discovered the Rockefeller Habits as a former Petra Member. As a part of the team, he is now living his greatest passion: coaching others in their own journeys to realize the potential in their businesses. His unique approach involves unified seemingly opposite approaches: grit AND proper strategic planning. Discipline and rigor AND allowing creativity to pivot as needed.

Patrick was a member of EO Nashville for 7 years and founded the Young Eagles Mastermind group. In his free time, he can be found in a workout, hiking with his wife, playing golf, and (most of the time) playing with his young daughter and son.