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How It Works

Planning Days
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Accountability can be simple when on a cadence.

I was on EOS and then worked with Petra. I saw how quickly I could move my business and my own leadership to the next level. Petra is like EOS on steroids...

Step One

Culture Assessment

Take our free Performance Culture Assessment and receive a comprehensive and custom report for your business on where you rank in the six key areas of performance. This starting point helps us understand where we need to focus first.

  • Owner Dependency
  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Accountability
  • Productivity

Step Two

Deep Dive

We begin with a comprehensive deep-dive involving ownership and executive/leadership teams to establish the foundation of your one-page strategic plan. The one-page strategic plan is tailored to your unique organizational needs and focuses on long-term vision, cultural pillars, three-year outlook, and annual targets and initiatives, serving as a roadmap for each fiscal year

  • Set / Revisit One-Page-Strategic Plan
  • Long-Term Vision Established (BHAG)
  • Cultural Pillars Defined (Core Values & Purpose)
  • 3-Year Targets and Outcomes for the Business
  • 1-year Targets and Initiatives for the Business

Step Three

Planning Sessions

Your 2-Coach team conducts quarterly full-day planning sessions, engaging either the executive team or the entire team. These sessions intertwine personal growth with business objectives through structured exercises, reflecting on the past quarter and realigning goals and initiatives for the upcoming quarter. The focus is on revenue, profit, growth processes, and team alignment.

  • KPI and GOAL Review
  • Feel of the Team and Feedback
  • Revenue and Profitability Targets Reviewed and Reset
  • Company Goals Established with KPIs
  • Personal Goals Established with KPIs
  • Quarterly Theme Established

Step Four

Monthly Coaching

We provide tailored support at all levels of the business, including one-on-one check-ins with the ownership/executive team and strategic coach, daily guidance from an accountability coach, and participation in function-specific Forum Groups for collective problem-solving. Our extensive toolkit, featuring action documents, meeting rhythms, and learning events with industry leaders, fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth for the entire team.

  • One-on-One Between Strategic Coach and Executives
  • Leadership Check-ins
  • Attendance to Forum Groups for Key Leaders
  • Weekly Accountability Coach Support
  • Daily Huddles & Meeting Rhythms Operating Efficiently
  • Access to Toolkits with support from your AC
  • Free Access to All Learning Events and Workshops

Why Petra?

In a sea of executive coaching organizations, we stand out. We're not consultants; we're seasoned executives who've walked the same path you're on now, facing identical challenges. That first-hand experience shapes our approach, making it not just crucial but truly distinctive. From our innovative 2-Coach method to our exclusive Forum Groups and proprietary systems, what we offer is unlike anything else on the market.

The 2-Coach Approach

Meet Your Strategy and Accountability Coaching Team

Petra provides each client with a strategy coach and an accountability coach who adapt to your organization's growth. Strategy coaches, experienced in building and selling businesses, act as mentors and facilitators, focusing on setting and revisiting plans, defining core values, and facilitating planning sessions. Accountability coaches work directly with your team on daily execution, priority alignment, and addressing people challenges, serving as a go-to resource for questions.

Forum Groups


Petra offers a unique opportunity for Clients to enroll key executives into peer forum groups, where individuals from various functions of the business gather monthly in small, confidential groups to share experiences and solve challenges together, maximizing the collective expertise and providing a similar experience to EO, YPO, Vistage, or Masterminds.

Proprietary Systems

Processes, Guides, playbooks, Learning Events and More

At Petra, we distinguish ourselves by offering custom systems, tools, and processes designed to guide you through every stage of your journey. From formal playbooks to proprietary resources and systems, we ensure that your transition towards a performance-based culture is not only effective but sustainable in the long term.


The Investment

We provide flexible pricing tailored to your needs, understanding that our services aren't suited for everyone. The investment varies based on factors such as your team's size, the level of one-on-one support required, and your business's current stage and growth velocity. Take advantage of our free assessment to evaluate your current position and receive a customized quote.

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