Upcoming Workshops and Webinars


    Win the War for Talent Using Performance Equity with Byron McFarland

    Want to know how your small businesses can compete and win in the war for talent with their larger private and public company rivals? In this webinar, Exit and Equity Compensation Strategist Byron McFarland will share how his clients have used performance equity to attract, reward, and retain top talent.


    60-Minute Habits: FACe the Facts: Creating & Using Function Accountability Charts

    In this workshop, you will draft a Function Accountability Chart for your organization, learn what KPIs to include on your FACe and how to assign the right person to own that function, and talk about ways you can operationalize and use it in your business.


    Boundless Self

    Unlike any other “typical” workshops, in this introspective, eye-opening experience, Andy will challenge you to dive deep within yourself, get REAL, and discover the true ‘WHY’ behind your life.


    The Ascent – Fall 2023

    In this exclusive single day virtual event, we will roll up our sleeves and scale the mountain together. This is not your 'typical' virtual event where you sit back, listen, and watch...we will be doing the work. Guided by scalers that have been there done that, join us as we lean into the headwinds.


    Boundless Self Pro

    Are you a high achiever who knows you’re capable of more? You realize there’s greatness in you. You may have even tapped into it to some extent. How do you embolden your full potential and climb to that top tier? This 1.5-day professional-grade life planning event may be for you.