Kara Komondor
Accountability Coach

Born and raised in Bel Air, Maryland, Kara grew up on the sidelines of the football field with a Head Coach Dad who constantly instilled the importance of hard work, education, and a teamwork centered attitude!

Fiercely independent, Kara moved 10 hours away to Columbia, South Carolina to attend the University of South Carolina for college (Go Gamecocks!). During her four years there, she was involved in everything possible – from philanthropy committees to providing university tours; always finding the time to attend a football game in between. Graduating with a degree in Sport Management and minor in Public Relations, Kara has since lived in four cities during her professional life; loving the thrill of meeting new people and experiencing new things by getting out of her comfort zone.

An avid rom-com movie fan, Kara can be found offering wedding and event planning advice, always focusing on the small details and special touches that make an event a memorable experience. When she’s not traveling for work or offering her free time to “work” an event for a friend, you can find Kara cheering on the sideline of a soccer field or on the beach with a book and iced coffee in hand.