Emily Barnhouse
Accountability Coach

As a dual citizen in both the UK and the US, Emily Barnhouse was born for travel and adventure! This unreserved, lively accountability coach lives the Petra core value “everything is an experience” through and through – jumping at every new opportunity, searching for new ones, and learning from them all. Being able to spend every day making a positive impact on clients and getting to know their teams is what drew Emily to Petra Coach. You can often find her with a color-coordinated planner and to-do list in hand, helping those around her stay organized and on task.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Emily holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Corporate Relations from the University of Mississippi. Prior to her position with Petra, Emily interned at a marketing agency, as well as the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas. When she’s not changing lives at Petra, Emily is volunteering in her community, playing tennis, or rooting for her Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers.