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What can you do in a year?

Effective leadership isn't one and done – it requires a daily effort and mindfulness. By learning how to take small steps, and breaking down big priorities into manageable actions, this book will help you become the leader you want to be. In Vitamin B, author, entrepreneur, and thought leader Andy Bailey curates daily lessons and guides for business leaders aspiring to make significant changes in their companies, communities, and lives.

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Vitamin B was designed for even those that do not like to read or "don't have time to read." These chewable bites – one page per day with tangible takeaways to improve yourself, your business, and your environment – are all you need. And now, it’s even simpler with it being delivered to your inbox each morning at 6AM CST - for FREE! Sign up with the form above and start scaling your thoughts with the rest of our 10k+ community.

More About Vitamin B

Andy Bailey has spent his life listening to thought leaders, reading hundreds of books, attending countless events and working with hundreds of teams. And it all boils down to this: take daily action on what you are learning and studying. Nothing ever changes if you don’t.

He wrote his second book with that goal in mind – to provide you with a daily dose of learning. Served in bite-sized chunks, Vitamin B gives you a simple formula that allows you to take what you read each day and convert it to meaningful action.

You are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from Andy and his team. Reading this book is the equivalent of having one of the premier business coaches in the world share his best ideas with you...this book has the potential to change your business and your life in many, many positive ways. –John Spence | America’s TOP 100 Thought Leaders

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