Jake Mahoney
Accountability Coach

Growing up with a father who coached college football for over 25 years and a mother who’s a fitness trainer, it was only a matter of time before Jake began his coaching career! Jake is passionate about helping others elevate their performance to a level they never thought achievable and loves seeing the people around him flourish.

Jake was born in Kenner, Louisiana, but Knoxville, Tennessee, is where he calls “home.” He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) with a degree in Business Administration and a focus in Marketing, and also played football for the MTSU Blue Raiders. From his experience on the field, Jake has learned through-and-through what it takes to be a great team and a great teammate!

Jake lives his life around our Core Value of “Everything an Experience, Every Time.” When he’s not positively impacting Members, you can find Jake exploring the Nashville area, experimenting with new foods, working out, and hanging with friends.