Andy Bailey, Certified Petra Coach

Andy Bailey is a serial entrepreneur who spends the majority of his time coaching other entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and teams to grow dynamic businesses that focus on: people, planning, processes and profit. When he’s not coaching, Andy is relaying his business and leadership experiences to readers of his reoccurring Tennessean and Smallbizdaily.com advice columns and to audience members at various civic and professional events and conferences.

His latest venture, Petra Coach, an entrepreneurial coaching firm, is experiencing tremendous popularity and success. Based on his years of entrepreneurism (he started his first company in college and built it into an Inc. 500 organization) and facilitating company-planning sessions around the globe, Andy can cut through organizational BS faster than a hot knife though warm butter. He shows organizations the logjams thwarting their success and coaches them past urgent day-to-day fire drills so they can address and execute important higher-level business strategies.

With Andy’s assistance the possible often expands to include the formerly impossible, as organizations learn that one step at a time gets you a long way when you take those single steps daily. He tells his clients, 100 percent annual growth is only 2 percent growth a week. It’s not easy, but it’s certainly possible.

After working with Andy and Petra for just 12 months, the average member company increases its revenue by more than 40 percent and profits by more than 20 percent.

Andy’s tough love, no-BS approach combined with his real-world business experience is sure to inspire your audience to identify, set and reach their wildest professional and personal ambitions.


  • What makes a good strategic plan and how to create and ensure one gets done
  • Locate the missing profit in your business; an exercise to increase efficiency and productivity
  • SLED—Make your meetings Suck Less Every Day
  • Regardless of what you were told, leaders are not born—everyone can lead, you just need to know how— and how not to
  • Create your company culture by design rather than default
  • Only 15% of businesses execute and fulfill their goals—make sure you’re one of them


WTF?! (Where’s the Focus?!) Focus and Prioritize to Get Sh*t Done:

Andy Bailey will crush the myth of time management (Yes, that’s right. Time management doesn’t exist.) and focus on goal setting, efficiency and priority management. After providing goal discovery and execution techniques and providing audience members with tangible focus and concentration techniques, Andy will delve into four priority management techniques:

  • Create true focus in your life
  • Clearly define and visualize your goals
  • Manage your routine to result in consistent execution
  • Fight off the demons that steal your time and attention

The content in this presentation is beneficial to everyone from C-level executives to college freshman. Everyone can benefit from Andy’s prioritization techniques. Not only that, attendees will leave with a personalized actionable plan.

Planning; The Rules for a Productive Life:

Sun Tzu said it best, “Win first and then go to war.” Perfect planning leads to nearer perfect outcomes, whether winning a battle or growing your business. Andy will guide your audience through:

  • Create true focus in your life
  • Annual priority setting based on SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis
  • Quarterly priority setting and assignment
  • Plan execution to decide who’s going to what by when
  • Plan tracking and monitoring
  • Efficiency tips

Only 15 percent of businesses actually execute their plans. The process is the how of planning. Andy will make sure you’re not another statistic. The content in this presentation is beneficial for teams wanting to create a clear, concise and actionable plan with built-in accountability for execution.


Andy has presented at dozens of forums, conferences and panels. Here are a few of his most noteworthy speaking experiences:

  • The Australia-Asia-NZ College for Entrepreneurship
  • MIT’s Key Executive Program (multiple years)
  • National Country Radio Seminar
  • Global Leadership Conferences (Dubai, Panama, Manila, Greece)
  • Regional Leadership Conferences (multiple years and locations)
    • Numerous users’ conferences and team events