Taylor Brown
Lead Accountability Coach

Taylor Brown practices what she preaches. Incorporating the Rockefeller habits into her daily life, she has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and undeniable drive to achieve her goals. If you happen to see Taylor, you’re certain to see a checklist. Give her a calendar, a sharpie and a pack of sticky notes and you will absolutely make her day. She’s punctual, task-oriented and dedicated to helping others be their very best. And, Taylor’s enthusiasm is infectious. Once she’s got your day organized for you, her witty personality will put you instantly at ease, and you might just find yourself sharing your deepest darkest secrets with her. Whatever the case, you’re bound to feel and be better after talking to Taylor.

Born and raised in Franklin, TN, Taylor is thrilled to be back in her native city. She has made it her mission to “give back” to others, and her greatest joy is witnessing people show genuine concern for one another. Taylor holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from The University of Mississippi (Hotty Toddy!) And, if she’s not at work, you’ll likely find her at the beach or sharing Mexican food with friends and family.