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  • If you’re willing to put in the work and ready to grow, go for it. If you are looking for a consultant who does the work for you, look elsewhere.

    Taylor Milliken, Milosi
  • Professionally I feel I am growing as a leader every week and getting better prepared to lead our company along this exciting journey of scaling our company.

    Kevin Sherrill, Sherrill Pest
  • Petra has developed a highly effective, team-based process for implementing the Scaling Up process that enables a company to optimize its long-term success by engaging and aligning its team members on the most important priorities each quarter.

    Will Verity, Verity Investment Partners
  • If you are wanting to take your company to the next level and have looked yourself in the mirror and said “I need help”, then Petra is the company you need to challenge you, push you, and develop your team to be positioned to deliver on and achieve your goals. Just do it.

    Daphne T. Large, Data Facts, Inc
  • If you want to make the Rockefeller habits really sing, you need Petra Coach. Great strategies can only become truly great with excellent execution. With Petra you can get both!

    McKeel Hagerty, Hagerty
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