Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, Yes! You Can Have All 3: Inc. 5000 Growth, Social Impact, AND A Fully Remote Workforce with Brian Roland.

You can find the full recording below.

The below Illustrated Model is from The Vivid Ink Company. Kristin McLane and her team transform the spoken word into lasting and actionable works of art. Check them out on FacebookLinkedInInstagram or their website.

Top Takeaways

Building a Remote Team

Requires a few major mindset changes:

  1. Measure output over activity
    • Rather than value being measured by team members sitting at a desk from 9-5 doing “something,” you need to start measuring actual results
  2. Ask people to prioritize their personal life over their work life
    • If you’re not healthy at home, you’re not going to be effective at work
  3. For a remote team to grow culturally, your team really needs to understand the mission, vision and values – the WHY
    • In 2020, with the pandemic, we were all rallied around fighting one common enemy
    • Now, that cultural bridge is receding, and as the pandemic gets handled, you’re going to have a bunch of remote workers on an island that you need to pull in with a common cause

Rules of Engagement

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Email: doesn’t use for internal, but works great for external

Chat: internally this emulates being in the office/“water cooler talk, but not used externally

Audio/Video Conferencing: works internally for deeper conversations / brainstorming, and works externally but only when scheduled in advance

Phone: all around yes

Text: all around no unless emergency – it interrupts work/life balance, provides 24/7 access

Task/Project Management: uses internally, but externally clients don’t need access to your internal tasks and timelines – uses email for project updates instead

Social Media: doesn’t use internally, but does use externally to connect with clients

Creating an Impact Plan

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  1. Design your giving model
    • Abenity does 15% net profit
  2. Create your mission statement
  3. How are you going to promote it?
  4. Accountability: How will you stick with it?
    • This is where you can really blow it and lose trust
    • Your plan can be time bound, not forever
  5. What are the potential roadblocks?

Social Mission

Abenity Started with a social mission, because they wanted their “WHY” to be greater than anything else

Unexpected Perks of a Social Mission

  • Competitive edge
    • People do business with people they can trust
    • Helps you stand out
  • Meaningful teamwork
  • Cultural alignment
  • Shared purpose
    • Creates momentum as a team
  • Purpose-driven metrics
    • KPIs driven by mission
  • Community

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