Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, Well…Marketing Just Changed…with Ben Rigsby.

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Top Takeaways


This is not 2022 marketing trends – it’s about the fundamental shift in the expectations of marketers: what that means for organizations, us as marketers and shrinking the gap in between the two.

 Typical Marketing Responsibilities:

  • Creating & managing promotional materials
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Events (marketing them & putting them on)
  • Organizational branding
  • Content
  • Website
  • Internal communications
  • Presentation decks/templates
  • PR & media
  • Customer research
  • Overseeing vendors & agency relationships
  • Social media
  • Search

Marketing is not necessarily changing – we’re still responsible for all these things – but it’s evolving.

2 Main Marketing Buckets:

  1. Image based marketing: Representing/credentialing the brand
  2. Direct response: Drive leads & activity (MQL>SQL)

These two are gold standard for what marketing is supposed to do for an organization.

AND it is now more!

A New Set of Expectations:

Marketing’s role is expanding within organizations and the outcomes by which we are judged are changing

A Changed Landscape:

The rules by which we play are changing in this cookieless world

  • Old stats: click thru, bounce rate
    • These are now just leading indicators
  • New stats: lifetime value of a customer, sales cycle, CX, sales experience, data analytics

The tried-and-true tactics we’ve used in our game are shifting beneath our feet.

So NOW what data do we have access to?


  • Explosion in all things digital
  • How do we automate everything?
  • And what we can’t automate – how do we optimize it?

The Great Convergence

3 teams together for the first time:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations

Marketing is the only area in a business that has the ability to span across and support all base line functions.

The Convergence Highlights:

  1. CRM
    1. Intelligence & connectivity
    2. Owning your data and leveraging it
  2. Marketing Automation
    1. Internal & External
    2. Creating the personal experience for the customer and meeting them where they are in the journey


  1. Focused Targeting

Understanding your audience(s) through captured data

  1. Segmentation

It is through the CRM that we are best able to create customers and prospect segments (product interest, demographics, buyer intent)

  1. Personalized Content

In connection with Marketing Automation, the avility to drive personalized content to your audience

  1. Tracking & Handoffs

The ability to understand user patterns, objectively see what is working and not, and create a seamless handoff to your sales counterparts

92% of leading marketers are now relying on 1st party data

Marketing Automation:

  1. Increase Revenue & Average Deal Size

Automating cross-sells, up-sells and customer follow ups

  1. Target Across Multiple Channels

Build automated sequences across email, SMS, social, phone calls & traditional print

  1. Reduce Lead Conversion

Through the use of lead-scoring and automation, you will make the sales process more efficient and deploy resources on actionable intel

  1. Cross-Department Automation

Ability to trigger internal process and workflows based off marketing, sales and operational trigger points (accounting, delivery/production)

72% lead conversion decrease

80% of customers expect a personalized experience

Recommended Platforms:

  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce Pardot
  • Marketo
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

Lead Scoring Template

Marketing Plan Template

Standard Automated Workflows:

  • Events/Webinars/Workshops
  • Customer Anniversary
  • New Customer
  • Hiring Process
  • Employee onboarding

The Takeaway

  • Marketing is more than marketing
    • Get new clients
    • Close them faster
    • Keep them longer

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