Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, The Self Awareness Workshop: Tools to Bring Self Awareness Into Your Life & Your Organization with Haley Hansel

You can find the full recording below.

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Top Takeaways

  • 90% of people would describe themselves as self-aware, while only 10-15% actually are

Step 1: Building Self Awareness – understanding how we’re showing up

Step 2: Making The Change – how are we going to practice showing up in the way we want to show up so we can actually make a difference

If we don’t understand ourselves, it creates a natural ceiling of how far we can progress

Step 1


  • There is no learning without reflection
  • Reflection can be personal or guided (coaching)
  • Not all introspection is created equally
  • Ask what questions, not why questions – why questions can trap us in the rear-view mirror


  • Giving feedback begins with internal reflection
  • Feedback is perspective
  • Feedback should be given with the intention of helping the recipient grow
  • Feedback is a gift when it’s packaged properly

  1. Identify the situation
  2. Describe the situation using objective facts
  3. Share the impact it had on you – how you felt

Your perspective is your perspective, not the truth.


  • Progress stems from consistent, quality reps
  • Weekly habits allow for consistency & progress without being overwhelming
  • Create a recurring time block where you consider reflection topics & script feedback for your team members


  • Our ego’s job is to protect us
  • We want to understand when and how our ego shows up for us, because it can undermine our ability to effectively reflect & receive feedback
  • To see ourselves clearly & grow, we must push past our ego. It isn’t incentivized to help us develop
  • Adopting a learner/growth mindset is one of the most fruitful ways to avoid your ego keeping you stagnant

Step 2

Repeated Deliberate Practice

  • Even if we know how we want to show up, it still takes practice & accountability to get there

Creating a Culture of Human Development

  • The everyday organizational and interpersonal stresses that we experience offer us an opportunity to grow ourselves and the people around us
  • You can change how you show up by operationalizing human development into the day-to-day business.
  • Organizations can influence their cultures and enhance team effectiveness by skilling up their people.

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