Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar,  AI: The Game Changer – Decoding Strategies for Business Growth with Amith Nagarajan.

You can find the full recording below.

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Top Takeaways

AI and Its Impact

  • AI is the “Science of making machines smart.”
  • Moore’s Law predicts the doubling of computing power every 18 months.
  • AI offers enormous opportunities for growth in productivity and GDP.

AI In Business

  • Every business will be impacted by AI, whether willingly or not.
  • AI can benefit marketing through personalization.
  • Personalization includes content personalization, personalized content delivery, text summarization, tone adjustment, copywriting, and image/video generation.
  • Tools like Midjourney, OpenAI’s, and Dall-e are useful for image generation.
  • “It’s not humans or AI; it’s humans + AI.”


AI and Data

  • Use AI like Chat GPT for email communications.
  • AI can help with image creation.
  • Strive for drafts, not perfection.
  • Human judgment is valuable.
  • Human review of AI-generated work is essential.


Experimentation and Learning

  • Experiment and learn to save money.
  • AI and bots don’t know your business; your data is crucial.
  • AI can create proposals based on your company’s history.

AI in Office Productivity

  • Tools like Duet in Google Workspace and Co-Pilot in Microsoft 365 leverage AI for semi-structured data.
  • Create a data map/catalog of all your companies’ data
  • Combine that data in a Common Data Platform (CDP) for AI analysis.

AI & Membership / Customer Tiers

  • Membership organizations can benefit from AI bots
  • Bots with deep knowledge can assist members when live services are unavailable.
  • You can use it in the future by sending the bot every article you have written, the books you have written, project management documents, your data catalog, etc so the bot now knows your business
  • They do not help your customer in their journey, but they will help you

Responsible AI

  • AI activates human knowledge in ways we may not fully understand.
  • Consider biases and fairness in AI’s impact.
  • Address privacy and security concerns.
  • Strive for transparency and explainability in AI decisions.
  • Human review may be necessary.
  • Experiment and deploy AI cautiously.


Managing Change

  • Ensure that your team embraces AI tools.
  • Create an environment where AI usage is encouraged.
  • Lead by example and provide clear guidelines.
  • Offer training to your team.
  • Consider bottom-up change.

The Time is NOW

  • AI is evolving rapidly; waiting is not an option.
  • Learning and implementing AI can give your business a competitive advantage.
  • Don’t delay, as your competitors might also embrace AI.



  1. What do you think is the best text summary tool?
    • Depends on how large your messages/blog posts/text threads are
      • Chat GPT
      • GPT 4 = 8,000-word limit
      • AI = 100,000-word limit
  2. How do you get your data into the AI tool, want to know personal history of reading?
    •  Bettybot
      • A tool that takes unlimited content and then takes it into a “brain” like storage that works with chat GPT for it to then comprehend the large amount of information
    • This makes it possible for AI to have a large amount of context
    • Be aware of where you are putting your data = data security
  3. Are there tools that can validate outposts that does not involve copy write?
    • No there are not
    • They do use copywrited material
    • AI tools do not actually store the information – it was trained on the entire internet
      • Remembering concepts and summaries
      • Form of compression
      • The probability of you using copywrited material when using an AI tool is low
  4. Is there a catalog of different AI platforms and which ones do what?
    • Paul Ratzor –
    • com – content org
    • Sidecar blog
    • Ethan Mollick – Wharton professor – A blog called “One Useful Thing”
  5. Will it write in your writing style?
    • Yes, tell it to write you an article in your style and then give it some example articals or text of how you write
  6. What are some specific examples of taxonomy?
    • Product categories
    • Over time, consider investing on a AI agent for your customer
    • Friction is your enemy and AI can help reduce it
  7. Any AI to watch out for?
    • All the major ones
    • Look at google
    • Look at Microsoft
    • Inflection AI is a smaller one
  8. What are some usage guidelines to share?
    • Develop more of a theory of practice
    • Principles rather than rules
    • Be careful with your guidelines – keep them brief
    • Simatri – help companies with AI strategy
  9. What is an example of a marketing AI tool?
    • AI


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