Andy Bailey, Certified Petra Coach

Andy Bailey can cut through organizational BS faster than a hot knife through butter, showing organizations the logjams thwarting their success and coaching them past the excuses we all use to avoid doing what needs to be done. He doesn’t ask for what’s easy, only what’s possible, and with his assistance the possible often expands to include the formerly impossible, as organizations learn that one step at a time gets you a long way when you step up to the challenge everyday. After all, as he tells his clients, 100% annual growth is only 2% growth every week. It’s not easy. But certainly possible. Andy learned how to build great organizations by building a great business, which he started in college then, grew into an Inc. 500 multi-million dollar national company that he successfully sold and exited. He founded Petra to pass on to other entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders the principles and practices he used to build his successful enterprise, which are rooted in the Rockefeller Habits methodology.

In addition to building a successful company, Andy founded the Wireless Reseller Council and served as the regional membership director for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization East Region, encompassing 18 chapters in the eastern U.S. Recently he was named the new Membership Director for EO’s West Coast Region, and currently serves as president of the EO Nashville Chapter, named one of the fastest growing EO chapters in the world. He is a two-time finalist for Nashville Executive of the Year and has been honored as Nashville’s Volunteer of the Year.

Rob Simons, Certified Petra Coach

Drawing upon his 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, brand expert and business coach, Rob Simons knows how to build a strategic plan with consensus and accountability from the entire team. Rob helps members bring their brand, or “story,” to life. He starts by asking the right questions to drill down to the elusive “Why?” that everyone and every business needs to answer. His mission is to help members see the important things they may have missed or simply can’t recognize. Rob is a certified Gazelles International Four Decisions™ coach and uses the principles in his own life. In 1993, Rob founded PixelWorks Corporation to serve the interactive advertising industry, and three years later he founded Toolbox Studios, Inc., one of the most respected branded content marketing firms in Texas. In 2015, Rob sold Toolbox Studios to focus exclusively on business coaching.

An active member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Rob has held numerous local, regional and global positions and is currently a “Master” EO Strategy Summit Facilitator and an EO Accelerator Instructor. In 2007, the San Antonio Business Journal selected Rob as one of San Antonio’s “40 Under 40.” In his spare time, Rob enjoys entertaining at his lake house where he typically treats guests to his slow-cooked barbecue. And if he’s not at the lake house, you’ll likely find him working on lowering his golf handicap or traveling to some exotic location.

Jason Rush, Certified Petra Coach

Jason Rush is recognized by his clients for his brutal honesty, fierce loyalty, and laser focus – he’s also known for being “foxhole ready” by always being willing to jump into battle. But you don’t get that kind of recognition without putting in some hard work. Jason began his career working for premier financial institutions where he dealt with loan and leasing companies. He went on to found and sell two of his own finance companies and then co-founded a niche company that provided commercial vehicle financing to small fleets nationwide. Jason’s experience creating and developing businesses taught him about the struggles of reaching the top and the importance of encouraging those around you to summit together.

In 2009, Jason founded ONRUSH Advisors to help entrepreneurs overcome common obstacles – frequently, themselves. As a coach at Petra, Jason’s clients create a culture of accountability and fiscal responsibility using sustainable methods that have lasting results. He does the dirty work, identifying strengths and weaknesses of business owners and showing them how to achieve new levels of success.

Jason has served as president of the Arizona Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization, several regional positions and is currently a Strategy Summit facilitator. In his free time, Jason likes to golf, attend all types of sporting events, travel and spend time with his two young sons and wife, whom he has known since preschool – yep, preschool!

Marshall Martin, Certified Petra Coach

Marshall Martin subscribes to the coaching theory that “great athletes refuse to lose” and that the “will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” Coach Marshall incorporates each of these into his passionate leadership style for business. After all, there’s an athlete in all of us who wants to succeed, and success can be reached through making plans, setting goals, remaining accountable, and maybe the occasional “out of your comfort zone” moment. For 25 years Marshall has used this approach in business and in his personal life to achieve rewarding outcomes.

Marshall has over 20 years of senior leadership experience, with the last ten at the C-Level driving sales, growth, and exit strategies. He has helped companies ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar organizations in fields like software technology, healthcare, transportation and manufacturing. In fact, Marshall first encountered Petra’s “Rock Habits” process when he used it to help one business achieve a successful exit and witnessed its value firsthand.

Outside of work, Marshall can be found challenging his own comfort zone training for a cycling or triathlon event. He discovered his love for endurance sports in the early 90’s and has a litany of athletic honors. He’s an accomplished category 2 road cyclist, a former Tennessee State champion, a multi-win triathlon state champion, an All-American and an All-World Ironman triathlete.

JT Terrell, Certified Petra Coach

JT Terrell is a big believer in earned trust and the power of planning, and he’s put both into action in his own life and career. In 2001, after ten years as a professional musician, JT founded event rental company Music City Tents and Events LLC out of his home and grew it into an industry innovation leader and the largest of its kind in the Southeast. Earning the Nashville Business Journal’s Best in Business award and listing on the Inc. 5000 list three years in a row, JT attributes MTC’s recent success to the company’s work with Petra Coach and the adoption of the Rockefeller Habits. After five years following Petra’s plan, JT and his business partners were able to sell the company to a private equity group at a 5X multiple. JT is now thrilled to be on the other side, coaching and engaging businesses to help them uncover opportunities, create strategies, and get focused!

JT has been an active member of the Nashville chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization since 2010. He sat on the Nashville chapter board in 2012/2013, and is a current mentor in the EO Catalyst program (a mentorship program for smaller businesses), organizing and facilitating monthly meetings to improve and refine each respective business though confidential sharing of best practices and experiences. Outside work, JT loves to spend time with his incredible wife, Jenny, and his four beautiful kids. He is passionate about long-distance trekking, fitness, personal development and (listening/making) great music.

David Pierce, Certified Petra Coach

David Pierce believes that all companies and individuals need to identify and live within their unique core purpose to fully realize their potential. With over 30 years of experience in the corporate world, David has seen and experienced first-hand what it takes to succeed. An accomplished CPA, David spent a decade with Deloitte and PwC and for over 20 years held a C-level post with a regional banking and financial holding company, developing and launching one of the first stand-alone online banks in the U.S. and participating in more than a dozen mergers and acquisitions transactions.

A tireless entrepreneur, David also helped launch an apparel manufacturing startup, numerous commercial real estate projects and even managed a harness racing operation. With a desire to share what he’d learned along the way and help other companies live their core purpose, David left the corporate world and launched his own consulting practice, eventually becoming a Four Decisions Certified Gazelles International Coach and joining Petra Coach.

David holds a BS in Accounting from the University of Louisville and is an accomplished Business Broker and Certified Franchise Consultant. He’s been married for over 25 years, has 3 children and has served in numerous volunteer positions with both faith-based and community-oriented organizations during his lifetime spent in Louisville, Kentucky. David is committed to spending the remainder of his professional life focused on continued learning and assisting companies and individuals realize their full potential.

Dale Meador, Certified Petra Coach

Dale Meador is known for being a big thinker, pushing the comfort zone boundaries of his clients (and his friends) and connecting the big ideas with the small details that make things happen. As a Certified Petra Coach, Dale has a passion for helping business leaders build strong cultural cores, which enable them to reach new heights and achieve more than they ever thought possible. Over nearly a decade, he honed these aspects of his coaching skills working with dozens of companies as the co-founder and CEO of Finanza Group | Ideal CPA. Through his firm, Dale led executives of small businesses with up to $20M annual revenue in the implementation of strategic planning systems and financial controls. With this strong background in financial analysis, a sharp focus on workflow and process design, and a passion to help people and companies dream big, Dale has the skillset to help organizations achieve operational excellence.

In 2016, Dale joined Gazelles International as an independent coach, and founded ScaleUp Hub to connect local entrepreneurs with the coaching and facilitation services needed to sustainably grow their companies. While Dale grew up in the Midwest, he currently calls the Pacific Northwest home, along with his wife Melina and daughter, Samantha. Outside work, Dale loves to spend time with family and friends, enjoy great food in Seattle or go power boating in and around the Puget Sound.

Andrew Blickstein, Certified Petra Coach

Andrew Blickstein is wildly experienced in entrepreneurship, media buying and analytics. As a Certified Petra Coach, Andrew’s goal is working with clients to demystify complex ideas and ask the questions no one else is thinking.

A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Andrew looks at problems and opportunities in business with a different perspective, developed by his background in both logic and creative work. Most notably, he used his talents to launch and run Home Run Media, an innovative media agency specializing in analytics, which earned a coveted spot on the Inc 500. Also committed to lifelong learning, Andrew completed a 3-year Entrepreneurial Masters Program through Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and MIT Enterprise Institute, and earned a Graduate Certificate in PdEI (Process-designed Emotional Intelligence) from the Liautaud Institute of the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has also been an active member of the Electronic Retailing Association, serving on the magazine advisory board, content committee and as co-chair of the media committee, regularly speaking to groups of ERA members about research-driven planning.

Andrew has served as past president of the Chicago chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), past liaison between the Chicago chapter and their sister city of Delhi, India and currently serves on the EO Global Executive Education Committee. He is passionate about his work with entrepreneurs and businesses operating in global markets (particularly near snow skiing) and his favorite business quote is “In God we trust…All others must bring data.”

Mandy Burage, Lead Coach Coordinator

Mandy Burage is the official DiSC GURU and lead coach coordinator for Petra Coach. After taking the DiSC personality test in 2007, Mandy learned about her own communication styles and officially fell in love with the DiSC program. Since completing DiSC training in 2012, Mandy has been working with Petra members to improve their communication styles and implement a culture that uses the program’s insights on a daily basis. Mandy can assess an individual’s DiSC personality based on one conversation, and she uses that knowledge to convey information more effectively during meetings and planning sessions. Her “Di” personality may come across as blunt or direct, but it fuels Petra members to discover their true potentials. In addition to using DiSC profiles, Mandy also follows Rockefeller Habits to help clients “get it done.” Whether she’s in an all-day planning session or calling Petra members to hold them accountable, she is all about achieving results.

Prior to working with Petra Coach, Mandy used Rockefeller Habits to lead an inside sales team at Resource Communications Group. In her first year, she doubled the team’s sales by focusing on what needed to get done by whom and by when. When Mandy is not pushing clients to be their very best, you can find her jogging the streets of Nashville, winding down with a beer or cheering on her Auburn Tigers.

Kelsey Turner, Coach Coordinator

Kelsey Turner is an ambitious coach coordinator who stands behind her Petra team and the company’s members. While she may be the youngest member of the Petra team, her energy and determination to help you and your organization succeed should not be underestimated. Kelsey has an inherit drive that pushes her to take full-force action when given a task, never looking back until the job is done. She relays this mindset to others around her in planning sessions, in the office or in everyday life, encouraging others to do whatever it takes to move a priority forward. Kelsey has a passion for creating experiences for members and getting to know each individual on a personal level. Prior to joining the team full-time, Kelsey interned at Petra Coach and learned the ropes of building key priorities and creating a process to execute while developing a culture of accountability and purpose. Submersing herself in Rockefeller Habits culture over the last few years, Kelsey has witnessed and been involved with the growth and success of many Petra members.

Born and raised in Nashville, Kelsey enjoys planning social events and spending time with her family. When she is not working, you can find her traveling, playing tennis or taking her Labrador retrievers to the lake. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and entrepreneurship from Lipscomb University.

Taylor Brown, Coach Coordinator

Taylor Brown practices what she preaches. Incorporating the Rockefeller habits into her daily life, she has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and undeniable drive to achieve her goals. If you happen to see Taylor, you’re certain to see a checklist. Give her a calendar, a sharpie and a pack of sticky notes and you will absolutely make her day. She’s punctual, task-oriented and dedicated to helping others be their very best. And, Taylor’s enthusiasm is infectious. Once she’s got your day organized for you, her witty personality will put you instantly at ease, and you might just find yourself sharing your deepest darkest secrets with her. Whatever the case, you’re bound to feel and be better after talking to Taylor.

Born and raised in Franklin, TN, Taylor is thrilled to be back in her native city. She has made it her mission to “give back” to others, and her greatest joy is witnessing people show genuine concern for one another. Taylor holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from The University of Mississippi (Hotty Toddy!) And, if she’s not at work, you’ll likely find her at the beach or sharing Mexican food with friends and family.

Kelley Boland, Coach Coordinator

As a motivated and spirited Coach Coordinator, Kelley Boland’s motto is “Make the impossible possible!” – a statement lived out in her work helping Petra Coach member companies achieve their goals. Her favorite part of the job is watching company team members “light up” when they realize that they can achieve things they considered unfathomable. Kelley leverages her skills in business administration and communication to assist Petra’s coaches, and provides support to member companies as they work toward their organizational goals.

Prior to joining Petra Coach, Kelley worked as business development manager for Rezult Group, Inc., where she learned the in’s and out’s of recruiting and what it takes to bolster business growth. Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Kelley is a former cheerleader for Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), where she earned both her bachelor’s degree in organizational communication and her master’s degree in business administration. She is extremely competitive and always on the lookout for the next Tough Mudder or 5K race.

Jennel Wilson, Planning Coordinator

Jennel Wilson knows what hustle looks like and applies it every day in her role as Planning Coordinator, overseeing the preparation and ongoing inventory management of planning materials for member kickoff sessions, planning days and post-planning recaps. Known for her creative approach to efficiency, Jennel provides organizational assistance to the entire Petra Coach team. In fact, it’s rare to find Jennel without a lengthy, detailed list of to-do’s. Prior to joining Petra Coach, she spent six years in the wireless industry, honing her skills in business administration and boosting efficiency for businesses.

Originally from Illinois and raised in Franklin, Tennessee, you can find Jennel cheering on the Nashville Predators or enjoying culinary and craft hobbies.

Kristin Toft, Membership Development

As a former paralegal and Division 1 soccer player, Kristin Toft knows what it means to possess “drive.” In fact, if she had to condense her ultimate life goal into just a few words, it would be “to be universally impactful.” Through what she describes as an act of either coincidence or divine intervention, she connected with Petra Coach through the EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) network and began to learn the foundation and mission behind the organization. Kristin quickly realized that her drive in life aligned with Petra’s mission to create a positive impact for 10 million human beings. In 2017, she joined the team in the newly-created role of Director of Membership Development, where she pursues strategic sales and marketing opportunities for Petra, and cultivates and maintains relationships with member companies.

Prior to joining Petra Coach, Kristin served as Business Development Director for Gartner, Inc., where she led account teams, managed more than $2 million worth of business across multiple territories and even developed a customizable methodology for the improvement of sales and marketing systems – a skill she intends on leveraging at Petra Coach. Kristin holds a bachelor’s degree in legal studies and business management from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Katey McNeil, Coach Coordinator

Katey McNeil is a “social butterfly” with a passion for building personal and professional connections, and making a positive impact on friends and colleagues. After relocating to Tennessee in 2017, Katey heard about Petra Coach through a friend and was immediately drawn to Petra’s focus on core values and a core purpose. Soon after, she joined us on our mission of +10Mhb – to positively impact 10 million human beings by 2022. As a coach coordinator, Katey provides support to Petra coaches and member companies in planning sessions across the country, personalizing an unforgettable experience for each and every team. Her favorite part of each session? Watching the “lightbulb moments” – as individuals find empowerment and motivation to tackle goals previously thought unachievable.


Prior to joining the Petra Coach team, Katey worked with two event companies, planning and executing everything from multiple city-wide festivals in Colorado, to smaller events and intimate parties. Born and raised in Arvada, Colorado, Katey holds a bachelor’s degree in recreation, tourism, and hospitality from the University of Northern Colorado. In her free time, you can find Katey fly fishing, hiking, cliff jumping or (when she’s back in her home state) skiing.