The ultimate goal for your people is happiness. The focus should be to get great people on your team, keep them on your team and help them grow both professionally and personally.

Core Values – (HOW)

The Core Values are the HOW you deliver your solution, service or product. They provide the handful of rules that will remain constant and provide you with a strong cultural foundation. The Core Values…

  • Aligning everyone in the same direction
  • Assist in answering important questions
  • Create the guide rails for the business
  • Become a cornerstone for a strong culture

Core Purpose – (WHY)

The Core Purpose answers these questions. Why are we doing what we are doing and What is our higher purpose? This is your contribution to making a difference in the world! The Core Purpose…

  • Brings clarity to decisions (does it help us fulfill our core purpose?)
  • Creating simplicity by narrowing the focus
  • Gives everyone an inspirational reason to get up and move each day
  • Provides a ‘central statement’ to answer… ‘What do you do?’

Clarity of Expectations and Accountability

Clarifying expectations, responsibilities and accountabilities for each team member gives everyone a direction – your team knows what a win and a loss is and how they should play in the game. Clarity of expectations and accountability…

  • Makes decision making faster and more decisively
  • Helps in filling key seats with the right people
  • Provides understanding of how a team member contributes overall
  • Produces a transparency that eliminates excuses for poor performances


Lack of appreciation is the number one reason people leave a company – it is not low pay, lack of benefits or other opportunities. Showing genuine, sincere and specific appreciation for others in a meaningful way reduces turnover – keep the best players. Appreciation done right…

  • Encourages repetition of what is appreciated
  • Teaches others to give and receive appreciation as part of the business culture
  • Attracts ‘new’ talent like a magnet – your team will tell others
  • Eliminates the negative ‘talk’ that can destroy a culture and a business

Relationship Drivers

Relationship Drivers define the ‘actions’ that create high levels of connectivity within groups of people whom the business deems important. These groups of people can be the internal team – clients – vendors – partners – the community – or any group that business sees as highly important to the growth and sustainability of the business. These ‘drivers’ should be focused on to ensure they are being done regularly. Relationship Drivers…

  • Should be measurable to be effective – often known as ‘KPI’s – key performance indicators’
  • Provide a guideline for measuring results and setting expectations
  • Ensures that the business is focusing on only a few important factors to keep relationships that are needed
  • Often become priorities that one or more team members ‘own’ as part of their position in the business