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Petra Member Company

Most of my leaders are literally different people than the people I was working with before we hired Petra :) I have also seen my team grow in confidence and increase their focus since we all started working with Petra and the Petra Process.

Petra Member Company

Before working with Petra, I was critical to the day-to-day operations. Now my business can technically run without me. I am still needed for strategic-level decisions, growth, and business development, but those are all things I want to do. I have been on several vacations where I could completely sign off and even leave my laptop at home!

Daphne T. Large
Data Facts, Inc

If you are wanting to take your company to the next level and have looked yourself in the mirror and said “I need help”, then Petra is the company you need to challenge you, push you, and develop your team to be positioned to deliver on and achieve your goals. Just do it.

McKeel Hagerty

If you want to make the Rockefeller habits really sing, you need Petra Coach. Great strategies can only become truly great with excellent execution. With Petra you can get both!

Will Verity
Verity Investment Partners

Petra has developed a highly effective, team-based approach for implementing the Scaling Up process that enables a company to optimize its long-term success by engaging and aligning its team members on the most important priorities each quarter.

What We Do

Shift Mindsets

We condense decades into days and speed up the growth of scaling teams and businesses. We empower leaders and their teams to scale their organizations and we do this through the facilitation and implementation of Rockefeller Habits.

Why We Do It


When its all said and done, we will have positively impacted over 10 million human beings.

Where We Are Going


We will be working annually with 750 unique businesses and teams via the leadership of 50 coaches and 50 accountability coaches both globally recognized as the best in the world.