Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, Get Your Dose of Sales B12 with Chief Door Opener Caryn Kopp.

You can find the full recording below.

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Top Takeaways

Sales Truths

  1. Your best clients and referral partners from before may not be your best ones now.
  2. Not all closed deals are the right deals.
  3. Not all sales activities are effective activities.
  4. Not all great sales hunters are great door openers.

5 Planks of Door Opening Success

Right Target

  • Ready, Aim, Fire not Ready, Fire, Aim

Important Wins

  • Willingly Pay
  • Urgency
  • Obvious Solution

Example CRM:

  • Why spend time on Evan when you can find more Sandy’s?

Right Message

  • The person with the best words wins
  • Change the language, change the outcome
    • Example: I’ll call you next week vs. How’s Thursday at 10?

Creating Your Kopp Gap Method of Sales Messaging

  • Anybody can…
  • But, not everyone can…
  • For example…

Example: Anyone can say they provide great customer service, but not everyone can deliver on their promise. For example, we once chartered a plan at our expense to transport supplies on time.

Sales Message

  • Language + Delivery = Outcome

Right Answers to Objections

  • The 3 Pre’s with Objections: Pre-think, prepare, pre-practice

Right Door Opener

  • Not all great hunters are great door openers
  • 96% of sales people are closers, only 4% are openers

Right Execution

  • Studies show it take 8-12 touchpoints of value to get to a disposition
  • How much time weekly is being spent talking to the right group of prospects?

Who Will Do This Work?

  • They must have all 3:
    • Time
    • Talent
    • Desire

When Outsourcing Door Opening Makes Sense:

  • You can close sales who you meet the right prospects, but need to meet them more
  • You don’t have time or desire to build (or rebuild) an internal appointment setting capability, you just need one that works
  • Your team’s time and talent is better spent closing deals than prospecting
  • You need meetings while you hire so you can generate sales until new sellers are on board and contributing
  • You want to meet certain prospects and your team can’t access them fast enough
  • You want to stop wasting money on sellers who say they can get the doors open but don’t

Outsourcing Options

  • Lead Generation Company: low level SDR who does appointment setting and email campaign
  • Lead Generation Company: email or LinkedIn campaign, no calling
  • Outsourced Senior level business developers to get meetings with executive level prospects – 1:1 relationship building professional approach
  • Off-shore call center

Achieving and Measuring Success

What Can You Do to Be Sure Sales is Working?

  • Focus on only “important win” prospects (verified contact info)
  • Proficiency in using the best sales messaging, including slam dunk objection responses
  • Those doing the door opening can and will do the job
  • Managers of those doing door opening know how to set it up/diagnose/resolve issues to accelerate results
  • Minimize non-revenue generating activities
  • Consider dividing aspects of sales
  • Get the right outside help when needed
  • Don’t assume that managers and sellers know how to make things better and are in alignment with strategy, check on it

Standard Sales Metrics

  • # calls, emails, text, connects (LI)
  • # meetings/conversations
  • # of proposals
  • # closed deals/new clients
  • TAM (Total Addressable Market)
  • ARR (Average Recurring Revenue)

Kopp’s Sales Effectiveness Metrics

  • % of closed deals which are the right deals
  • # of prospects which are the right prospects
  • % each objections
  • # open tasks
  • Time to activity
  • % of time spent on non-revenue generating activities
  • % of 1st meetings which go to 2nd meetings
  • % of sellers who are the right sellers in the right roles
  • % of managers who are the right managers in the right roles

What is the #1 reason who sales which should close don’t close? People aren’t getting in enough doors in the first place.

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