Recently, Petra Coach hosted a workshop, Bridge the Gap with Dr. Karah Sprouse

You can find the full recording below.

Top Takeaways

Generational Workforce

Silent (Veteran) Generation

  • Formative life experiences include exposure to the Great Depression and WWII
  • Majority of men are war veterans and possess a high sense of patriotism
  • Risk adverse, resilient, resourceful
  • Value respect, recognition and opportunities to provide long-term value to the organization employing them
  • Work is a means for living 

Baby Boomer Generation

  • Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, long period of political unrest and tension with the Cold War
  • Home TV and more access to information = began to question authority and increase life expectancy
  • Large generation = more competition
  • Value company loyalty and financial stability
  • Work is a central focus in their life

 Gen X

  • Increased number of women professionals and evolving women’s rights movements, the emerging energy crisis, heightened emphasis on cultural differences, and the introduction of the personal computer
  • Skeptical, independent, and self-reliant
  • Represent the “middle” between Baby Boomer and Millennials socially, with tech adaptation, and patriotism
  • Best motivated when they feel engaged in the organization’s mission
  • Work is a place of purpose 

Millennial Generation

  • Children of Baby Boomers and the first to be born into a technology-based world
  • First to have almost equitable numbers of males and females in the workplace
  • Exposed to high levels of high school violence, major government scandals, 9/11, technology and social media proliferation
  • Value opportunities for professional development and work life balance
  • Work is a place for opportunity

Gen Z

  • Grew up in world of smart phones and free Wi-Fi, watched parents struggle in the Great Recession, COVID-19 Pandemic, lowest teenage workforce participation
  • Value diversity, work-life integration, adaptability/change, and emotional/physical wellbeing
  • Best motivated when they form connection and find work meaningful
  • Work is a place for connection and helping others

Communication with Gen Z

Older Generations Observe

  • Informal Communication Style – sometimes lacking respect
  • Does not respond well to email
  • Likes quick messages or texts during and sometimes after business hours
  • Sometimes hesitant to talk/contribute in teams meetings

Gen Z Perspective

“We want people to just be themselves.”

  • Communication should be:
    • Authentic
    • Personal
    • Relatable
    • Frequent

Conflict Management with Gen Z

  • “You have to truly understand the conflict before fixing it.”
  • Believe there’s typically something deeper going on than just the exact problem at hand
  • They want to solve conflict directly and swiftly with the person/people involved, whereas people in older generations may never address a challenge they have with another person but might talk about it with other people instead.

Making Decisions and Solving Problems with Gen Z

  • Want opportunities to be efficient and express their individuality
  • Need to understand relevancy in their roles, team and/or the organization
  • “I don’t need to know a lot about the why of a decision if it doesn’t really affect me”

Leadership with Gen Z

  • “Less hard and fast line between employee and boss
  • Accessibility: “problem solve on small and big issues”
  • Personal connection
  • Honest feedback

3 Ways to Empower Gen Z

  • Help them understand how their work MATTERS. Ask yourself, “How can this generation help us not just make incremental changes, but actually leave an impact?”
  • Gen Z is not in the business of leaving their lives and problems at the door. Provide tools and resources that help Gen Z prioritize physical and emotional health.
  • This generation has a greater appreciation for learning about others who are different from them and pushing past surface level relationships. Foster real and authentic relationships in every setting.


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