Recently, Petra Coach hosted a Coaches’ Corner – a session of live Q&A – with Certified Petra Coaches Jennifer Faught, Chip Gallent and Mark Comiso.

You can find the full recording here.

Top Takeaways

What does planning look like for 2021?

What is an Annual Reset?

Look at the plan you have built and then looking out a year. Also reflect on the past year – look at past mistakes and seeing how you can avoid those things again, as well as celebrate wins and taking next steps for the future.

Look at:

  • Annual Initiatives – The big things you want to get done over the next year.
  • KPIs and Targets – Where you want to be at the end of 2021 and then looking out 3-5 years from there.
  • Thrusts and Capabilities – The big things 3-5 years out that you need to be moving toward in the business.

What is the #1 Topic Being Discussed in Resets?

The Uncertainty of 2021

  • It helps to do some prep before the Annual Reset so that you know what you want to outcome to be.

People Issues

  • Companies not having the financial means to have all the employees they need right now.
  • Struggling to find good people and figuring out how to onboard new employees in our new environment (virtually).

Revisiting Core Values

  • When your Core Values are right, they solve everything in the business.
  • Do a 360 Core Value review with everybody – rating yourself and others on the Core Values.
  • Stress test these each year and see if they are truly what you are, not aspirational.
  • Book Recommendation: The Core Value Equation – Darius Mirshahzadeh


What are you doing to reset yourself?

One Page Personal Plan

  • Thinking about what matters to you and looking out further to see what you want to accomplish.
  • Looking back on the year before and seeing what you have accomplished or still need to strive for.

Wheel of Life

  • Rating yourself in each of 6 categories of life and make a goal for yourself based off which areas need improvement.

Boundless Self Workshops

  • Setting personal goals and creating accountability.
  • Setting a certain date and year for your goals.
  • Creating an emotional connection and uncovering the WHY behind it all.

Book Recommendation: Chop Wood Carry Water – Joshua Medcalf

“Without a plan, we are constantly climbing a ladder – And when we get to the top of the ladder, we’re standing on the wrong building.”

Ask yourself:

  • What do I want to have?
  • What do I want to do?
  • Who do I want to be?

What are Ways to Get 1% Better Every Day?

App Recommendations:


Happy Feed: Gratitude app – every day it prompts you to write a statement of gratitude.

Making a commitment every day to do 1 thing that will make yourself better. It can be the smallest thing – whatever “making yourself better” means to you. Keeping an Accountability Partner can help ensure you get it done.

Question: How Do You Ask People on Zoom to Turn Their Camera On?

  • Understand the goal and objective.
  • Give everyone the WHY behind it and set the expectations – This is just a virtual version of being in the office so bring your “full” self.

What are you predicting for 2021?

  • Everyone is more open to possibilities.
  • People are now used to change and are not as easily rocked.
  • This opens a door to growth and hope.
  • Creative thinking, new ways of doing things, new inventions – “newness.”

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