What if I were to tell you that you’ve never worked for anyone in your life and you never will? The job you had at that pizza place in high school. The entry-level career you started at a booming technology company. You didn’t work an hour for them. Even now, as the owner of a business, you don’t work for anyone and no one works for you. “That’s not true,” you may think. “I have 15 employees that show up every day.” Let me explain. You don’t work for anyone, and no one works for you, because you all work for a purpose, not a person.

In any industry, it’s not the job title that defines your career, it’s the purpose you’re working towards. If you’re lucky, you’ve found a company that supports and shares your personal objectives. For most business owners, taking the time to figure out a driving purpose has never been a priority. Clearly defining a company mission and making sure your employees feel the same way will make your organization a happier, healthier and more successful place to work.

Don’t be a bosshole

A “bosshole” is a leader that gets behind others and tells them what to do. When you clearly define a meaning for your organization, you don’t have to be a bosshole. No one likes to work for these kinds of people. A true leader gets out in front and leads others with a clear objective and direction. To get to this point, you must discover your company’s intention. Start simple and ask yourself a series of questions: What do we do? Why is this important? What does it matter? Why is it important? Asking yourself “what” and “why” several times will help you arrive at the deeply-rooted purpose of your company.

The company bandwagon

Once you have a stated purpose you can better determine which employees (if any) are on board with your objectives and plan. To be the best business you can be, you want to attract like-minded employees that are happy and passionate about your purpose. If things don’t match up, take some time to figure out the personal goals of your employees. From there, you can work towards alignment throughout your entire team.

The disclaimer

Warning! Not everyone in your company will have the same goals as you – which means they may need to exit. This isn’t as scary as it sounds. You want employees that see your company’s vision and subscribe to the same purpose. Developing this communal spirit within your existing team is just the beginning. Using this knowledge to develop genuine relationships with your team is the next step.

Remember – no one works for you and you work for no one. Changing your attitude about your business allows you the freedom to develop community and morale within your team. You aren’t working for an insurance company or a marketing firm. You’re working with one another towards a common goal. One tiny shift in your perspective and you’ll never work for anyone again.

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This story was originally published on AllBusiness.com.