Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, “Recap & Takeaways from Petra Coach Webinar, “Business As (Un)Usual with Jack Daly: How to Maintain Focus on Sales with Sensitivity to Current Events” featuring sales expert, Jack Daly.

The content is invaluable to leaders during this unprecedented time.

You can find the full recording here.

To augment the recording, we noted takeaways and tips from John’s presentation.

What We Know Right Now

  • State of Business – There are businesses that will not be coming back. That doesn’t mean we give up hope and that there won’t be other opportunities
  • Personal Hardships – It’s going to be difficult for all of us – not just the people directly affected by the virus but also for friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc.
  • Emotions are Heightened – Anxiety in the marketplace will be ramping up

We need to get our mindset prepared for a longer journey than we think.


Top Takeaways

Stay on top of your health and fitness

Now is the time you can work harder and smarter to take on the stress. We all start the week with 168 hours – find the time to squeeze in exercise, make it a high priority and mandatory, and make it happen.

Focus on what you have control over

Don’t dwell on things you cannot control.

Create a daily plan

Stay focused on what you are going to do today. How you are going to move the needle today?

  • Scratching those items off as you move on will give you momentum, give you endorphins of accomplishment.
  • Assemble that plan the night before you will be better rested because you know what your plan is.

Stop selling

Help people to buy, instead. Help them with their needs and problems. People do not want to be sold – it doesn’t work and no one likes it. In the status the world is in, it won’t work to sell something to someone. Instead – be a resource, help people with their needs and problems – even if they don’t buy your stuff right now.

Both in life and business – we are going to rebound

When you get to the lowest point and rebound, you will most likely exceed where you were prior. You get to build resilience and you get to be better on the other side.



On interpersonal interaction:

  • While an email may seem more productive – a phone call is more personable during this time
  • Take a video and send it to someone if that’s easier for you, or if you can’t get someone on the phone
  • Treat your team like family – care deeply about them
  • Empathy builds trust

On how not to sell:

  • Before you contact a potential buyer, do your homework:
    • Learn about the company or individual and get a sense for them – then demonstrate that you’ve done your homework and show them that you understand where they’re at right now
    • Let them know things you have found that are working and have worked for other people in their industry
    • Let them know how they can reach you and let them know you keep you as a resource
  • Lead with an investment in the individual before you introduce yourself