Recently, Petra Coach hosted an IT Town Hall, “Keeping Your Company Safe – The 4 Steps You Must Take Immediately to Ensure Your Data is Protected Now That Your Entire Team is Working From Home” featuring CEOs and experts Will Nobles, Ross Brouse, Willie Kerns, Pedro Nunez, Charles Henson, and Sonny Clark.

The content is invaluable to leaders during this unprecedented time.

You can find the full recording here.

To augment the recording, we noted takeaways and tips from their session.

Challenges That Are Being Seen

  • Team members need education on video conferencing systems
  • Teams need help logging into systems, receiving phone calls, etc. ­– this goes back to making sure your team knows how to set up their work-from-home space
  • Technology is hard to find: webcams, headsets, laptops & secondary monitors – stocks are getting low

Resources for Equipment:

  • Apple stores, manufacturers & outlet stores
  • Look for refurbished items



  • Do not let employees use their own personal Dropbox accounts
  • Leaving computers on overnight is fine – it helps with nighttime maintenance, which enables the team’s productivity during the day
  • Do not send personal/confidential information inside a plain text email
  • Be mindful about emailing information around background checks for Human Resources

Security Resources

Two Factor Authentication

  • Duo is a two-factor authentication app
  • This is a highly recommended option in both the business world and also the personal world
  • Look to see what is available through the sites and services you currently use, as many of them offer this at no additional charge

Remote Controlled Outlets

  • If you have trouble with office desktops turning off on their own
  • Wemo is a smart outlet to toggle power outlets that computers in the office are connected to

Password Manager Recommendation

  • LastPass – This stores your passwords & helps you create unique passwords
  • There is also an app for your phone and plugin for your web browser
  • With the paid version ($10 a month), if someone needs access to one of your accounts – you can give them the password without them seeing the actual password
  • One master password to access everything
  • Tip: Separate LastPass accounts for personal and business, and use different browsers for each


  • Be aware of phishing attempts
  • If you are unsure about whether or not an email is legitimate, call your IT provider or manager to make sure the email is okay. It’s never a bother – better to be safe than sorry
  • KnowBe4 – sends out tests once a week to check for phishing
  • Proofpoint – scans emails before they even go through to your inbox
  • Watch out for any Census scams or Stimulus scams during this time

Simple Steps to Take

Here are some simple things you can do to protect your data:

  • Backup your computer or laptop
  • Antivirus software


Be sure that you have cyber liability insurance in place before a potential data breach.

  • Make sure the due diligence on your cyber liability insurance is accurate and up to date
  • If you think you’re covered, you’re not – you still need to have you clients signing off on things
  • If a jewelry store opened for business had $2 million worth of jewelry and they closed up without any alarms or locks, would the insurance company cover that? NO.

Have these things in place to cover yourself in case something like that happens and you can rely on that insurance policy

  • New York Shield Act – There are fines, penalties, and mandatory reporting requirements if you have a breach

Keep Your Team Connected

Ideas for Teams to Connect Virtually

  • Slack channels
  • Trivia games
  • Sending in baby photos and having a contest to guess who is who
  • Have individuals submit a theme song for themselves and let the team guess who it’s for
  • “Cribs” – Have a team member take their webcam around the house showing the team their digs
  • Replace a common lunch. Instead, open up Zoom during that time or have a happy hour at 5:00 for the team to partake in via video calls – keeping that communication flowing

Communication is Key

  • A message from the employer to the team – Make sure you are continuing to reach out to your team and check on them and their families
  • Over communicate where things are at with the company/organization

Program Suggestions

  • Microsoft
    • Currently offering Office 365 for free
    • Microsoft Teams
      • A great way to connect with the team and be able to see everyone
    • Microsoft planner (you can have this integrated into Teams)
      • Easily assign tasks to yourself and to managers and help maintain productivity
  • Zoom
    • Easier to use for external meetings with clients
  • Align
    • Virtually and transparently track company and individual priorities, tasks and progress