Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, They Ask, You Answer with Marcus Sheridan.

You can find the full recording below.

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Top Takeaways

Foundational Trends

  • Today’s buyer is 80% through the buying cycle before they actually reach out to a business
  • 33% of buyers say they’d prefer a seller-free experience, even higher with millennials
  • We need to allow buyers to do more on the website – things they would’ve traditionally learned through a salesperson

“What replaces is a sales team is not paying attention to trends in the market.”

They Ask, You Answer

A “Culture” of Listeners and Teachers

If you want to become the voice of trust:

  1. You must be willing to talk about what others do not in your space
  2. You must be willing to show what other do not in your space
  3. You must be willing to sell in a way others won’t sell in your space

These are your three keys to trust in the digital age.

The Big Five

The subjects that move every buying decision, in every industry. Period.

  • Cost
  • Problems
  • Vs/Comparisons
  • Reviews
  • Best


Pricing, Rates, etc.

  • People will stay on your website for 10 seconds looking for cost/price
  • When they know that we know the answer, and we don’t explain it, they think we’re hiding something – which damages trust

Reasons We Don’t Talk About It:

  1. It depends/customized solution/every job is different
    • Wrong: You can still explain ranges and what drives the price up or down
  2. We tend to be more expensive and that will scare them away
    • Wrong: What will scare them away is that we’re not sharing that information
  3. Afraid competitors will find out
    • Wrong: They probably already know


  • Is it true that…
  • Someone told me that…
  • What could go wrong if…
  • Your competitor said…

Generally, anyone who is researching negatives about a product or service is interested in buying the product or service, and is trying to evaluate if they’re making a mistake.

Example: Top 5 Fiberglass Pool Problems & Solutions


  • When you’re writing comparison-based content, it’s important to appear unbiased. If you’re biased, people will sniff that out immediately and it will ruin trust.
  • If they’re looking up comparisons, they’re in the market for that product or service, and you want to inject yourself in that conversation.
  • Comparison-based content allows you to draft off of leaders in the marketplace, without even actually selling the exact same product or service, to position yourself as a thought leader in the industry.
  • Big box, red tape companies will not take the time to do this, which creates an opportunity for you.

Example: Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Liner vs. Concrete Pools: An Honest Comparison

Reviews & Best

  • If you put yourself on the best of list, you’ll sound pretty biased
  • If someone is researching your competitors, they can now do so on your own website – you can literally take text right from their website
  • Creates website traffic and builds trust without making your competitors mad

Example: Who Are the Best Pool Builders in Richmond, Virginia (Reviews & Ratings)?

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