Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, “The Power of A Problem-Solving Organization” with Jamie Flinchbaugh.

This content is relevant to leaders looking to get out of the weeds and create an efficient and well-functioning problem-solving organization, incorporating themselves and their teams.

You can find the full recording here.

Be sure to get your copy of Jamie’s book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Lean: Lessons from the Road and be on the look out for his upcoming release People Solve Problems.

The below Illustrated Model is from The Vivid Ink Company. Kristin McLane and her team transform the spoken word into lasting and actionable works of art. Check them out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or their website.

Top Takeaways

Role of the Leader

  • Shape & Coach Problem Solving
  • System & Culture Architect
  • Solving your own problems


  • Design Work
  • Manage Work
  • Improve Work

The System

  1. What – Be aligned with the team with what is defined as a problem
  2. Detect – How to make the problems clear – How to detect it
  3. Escalate – How to escalate that problem & how to get it to the people that need it – Have a system where you capture ideas or problems
  4. Who – Who can help? Where are you getting help from?
  5. How – Define how to respond – Make this consistent


Experiences → Principles/Beliefs → Behaviors → Actions → Results

Design the experience that shapes peoples’ behaviors and how they think.

Leader needs to be clear about the behaviors and culture that drives a problem-solving environment.

Guiding Questions – help them develop their plan

Reflection Questions – look back and learn from what you have already experienced

Solving Your Own Problems (Leaders)

Don’t spend too much time focused on solving your direct reports’ problems.

Look at their problems, find the gaps and patterns, and see where you can help those.

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