Recently, Petra Coach hosted a Coaches’ Corner – a 1-hour session of live Q&A – with Certified Petra Coaches and Accountability Coaches Jason Rush, Mark Comiso and Taylor Brown.

You can find the full recording here.

To augment the recording, below is a brief recap of questions and answers from the session.


Introduction Video

Set Up an Environment for Success

  • Don’t bring things into your environment that you know would be a trigger
  • This goes for both your home environment and your work environment

Set Your Day Up for Success

  • Whether that’s meditating, waking up early, exercising
  • Plan your next day so that you’re not frazzled the day of
  • By doing that, you will set yourself up for success

Start Small with Your Habits

  • If you start big, you will get bogged down
  • Over time you can add more

In order to create a habit, you will need: Motivation, Ability and Prompt

What is the right prompt to achieve that action?

  • Example: Running a marathon – you have the motivation, but do you have the ability?
    • For the prompt, break it down to what you can do today to start working towards that larger goal

Examples of habits tracked daily:

  • 3 Liters of water per day
  • 10 minutes of meditation
  • 30 minutes of movement per day
  • Taking pills and vitamins
  • Writing one note of appreciation per day
  • 8 hours of sleep
  • 30 minutes of a Podcast a day
  • Making your bed every day

You will want to have a ‘why’ behind each of these habits

Decision Making Fatigue

  • If you focus on your goal and the “why” behind it, it will help you accomplish your goal
  • A lot of people do their “what” and don’t get to the “why”
  • Don’t come to the decision-maker with a problem, come with a solution
  • Be the question person, not the answer person

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