Have you ever seen a crew race? Situated in a long boat, rowers work together seamlessly to propel the boat forward. If one member of the team is not in sync, the rowing is less effective and the race less successful.

This type of flawless synchronization also applies to organizations. Most businesses run into trouble when company leaders set goals that aren’t communicated well to the rest of the team. If every person is not on board and “rowing” in the same direction, goals will be left unreached and the business will suffer.

Alignment is the key to a company’s success. The following are three characteristics that an organization should instill in their teams in order to successfully meet goals and keep the company moving forward:

1. Clarity

A company should have a foundation of clear, visible values and goals. These, along with its core purpose, should be displayed in a common area where employees can see them every day. This daily reminder of the company’s driving mission serves as inspiration for team members to help guide the boat in the right direction.

Individual visibility is just as important to a company’s success. Each team member’s progress towards personal and company goals should be visible to everyone in the organization. Leaders are able to easily discern progress, red flags and areas that might need extra support or improvement. This also fosters accountability among the entire team, not just those in leadership positions.

2. Transparency

Being honest and clear to all team members about the company’s outlook, goals, and issues will help achieve alignment within the organization. Create a culture of openness and encourage collaboration. Employees who feel free to share in a transparent environment are more likely to be well connected to the big picture and be motivated to work towards the same end goal. On rough days or seasons of change, this connectivity will be what keeps employees at the company.

3. Responsibility

Accountability drives businesses. Instill a culture of integrity and responsibility in the office. If there are goals, make sure they are met and that those who accomplish them are rewarded. Give employees control of organizational goals. Team members who know they have a direct impact on the success of the business will take pride in their work and therefore work harder.

Implement a system of reporting results and recognizing performance. When employees meet or exceed a goal, share the successes with the entire team. If there are problem areas, use the opportunity to provide feedback and constructive advice to team members.

Incorporating these three traits into your organization will help your company achieve alignment and ensure that the entire team is “rowing” in the same direction.

This story was originally published on AllBusiness.com.