Recently, Petra Coach hosted a Webinar, “Demystifying the CARES Act: What It Means & Where It’s Going” featuring David Waddell and Teresa Bailey of Waddell and Associates.

The content is invaluable to leaders during this unprecedented time.

You can find the full recording below.

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The slides used in the presentation are also downloadable HERE.

For the general summary of need-to-know info, click HERE.

For the CARES vs. SBA comparison graphic, click HERE.


To augment the recording, we captured the Q&A from this session.

 Q: If your income exceeds phaseout can you get the money for your child?

  • Yes, and it will be reduced at some level
  • Teresa has a chart that breaks it down

Q: Does resident definition include OPT students and green card owners?

  • All aliens (Green card or sustainable presence test)

Q: Would you get a $1200 if you didn’t file a return in ’18 or ’19?

  • Yes, I have seen that you can – but I am not sure how to file for it

Q: Does anyone that files get $600?

  • $600 on top of the benefit they would normally qualify for
  • You would receive the benefit for 4 months

Q: Pandemic UE employees to straight commission EE’s?

  • They have expanded to cover independently contractors
  • Will be covered and receive the additional

Q: For early IRA withdraws, can this be used and not repaid?

  • You can repay and deposit over time
  • You have a 3-year window

Q: Do you think it is a couple of weeks before they get cash or application?

  • It will take a couple of weeks for the application
  • Set your expectations that this is not going to be quick money
  • Application must be submitted by June 30th

Q: Advice on the Paycheck Protection Loan

  • Must be used for working capital to carry out business
  • Track the expenses in detail à
  • You will have to submit them for your forgiveness

Q: Are healthcare and benefits excluded for > $100K employees?

  • Doesn’t matter how you get to $100K it is capped at $100K

Q: Can you apply for EIDL and PPP?

  • Yes, and there is a way to have your EIDL refinanced à The details are pretty interesting
  • Mechanics have not been clarified
  • Banks need to work on the underwriting

Q: If you are a business owner and the only employee, can you use PPP?

  • Yes

Q: If you get denied for PPP, can you get tax referral?

  • Yes

Q: Do furlough employees count towards reduction?

  • Yes, they must be brought back (not necessarily prior to, you can catch up – they made a provision for that)

Q: Does this mean that hiring is beneficial in loan forgiveness?

  • Once you reach your average you will not be forgiven more than the total loan amount

Q: What about new hires in 2020?

  • You are looking at # of FTEs
  • It will be weighted throughout the past year

Q: Our company’s internal workforce is W2 and sales force is 10-99 – Where does 10-99 fall into?

  • This is only for W2’s
  • Independent contractors do not count

Q: What about rent, utilities and payroll calculation?

  • You will get a check and you can apply it to those things that are qualified as “acceptable uses”
  • You may borrow more than you are forgiven

Q: Is owner compensation included? Guaranteed payments included?

  • Can’t speak to yet

 Q: If we increase # of employees we have from this time last year, can we also reimburse their compensation?

  • Yes
  • The greater the retention ratio the greater your loan forgiveness

Q: How is “need” defined? If we have an untouched LOC that is greater than the PP loan max, would we not qualify?

  • They will not look at availability as the qualifier
  • Underwriting is going to be super relaxed or else they couldn’t process it all

Q: Does PPP consider profitability?

  • No, it is revenue base

Q: Can 10-99 file for unemployment or benefits?

  • Unemployment – yes
  • FMLA – unsure

 Q: Can the forgiveness be greater than the loan you took?

  • No

Q: What if I have part time employees?

  • Applies to FTE and equivalent, not part time

Q: Does the PPP apply to companies with 300 employees?

  • Yes – 500 is the max
  • If you have multiple locations, like a restaurant chain, it cannot be more than 500 per site.

Q: PPP vs. Credit?

  • PPP = Protect Numbers
  • Credit = Survival Mode

Q: What defines FTE?

  • Based on a 40-hour work week

Q: PPP Funds needs to be used in a set timeframe?

  • 8 weeks

Q: Is every company with 500 employees or less eligible or just companies deemed small biz by SBA?

  • There are some exceptions, but they still have to comply with SBA rules

Q: Is forgiveness for only 8 weeks?

  • From the date the loan is issued – 8 weeks after

Q: Do we need to provide audit financial or just tax return?

  • I’d get it all ready

Q: What if the earn over $100K, can they be capped at $100K for the forgiveness or are they disqualified from the forgiveness?

  • They are not disqualified – just capped

Q: If we furlough someone today, does it count towards PPP calculation as long as I bring them back when PPP kicks in? à When do I strike my payroll rate?

  • Everything is February time frame
  • It will be redefined when the rules come out

Q: I am a sole proprietor if an LLC and have cut my pay to $0, and I have employees – Can I collect?

  • No

Q: For PPP, what is 2020-year review? Jan & Feb or does it include March?

  • Feb 15 – June 30th
  • January to End of Feb

Q: We are seasonal and did not bring anyone on for spring

  • There is a mechanism for seasonal employees and is addressed
  • It is complex, but it is covered

Q: If I have 4 employees each making more than $100K then my cap for each of those employees $100K totaling 400K?

  • Yes

Q: The 8-week period for which PPP will be forgivable must take place before 6/30?

  • You have to apply by 6/30 – not finish your 8 weeks by then

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