Master sales. Guaranteed growth. Predictable success.

A proven sales transformation program for complex B2B sales

Emerse develops sales teams as if they are professional sports teams because sports teams are run better than (most) sales teams. They’re disciplined, practice regularly, keep score and have dedicated coaches. With Sales Growth, Sales Momentum and Sales Mastery as different options depending on your needs, Emerse will give you everything you need to transform sales in your organization.

As a Petra Partner, Emerse has been vetted at the highest levels and we are excited to unleash them to all of our Member organizations

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This isn’t sales training. This is sales transformation.

Teach your team to perform like world-class athletes; focused and well-practised with a winning mindset. Emerse ‘emerses’ themselves in your business, your work, and your success. With their sales transformation program, they build solid, scalable systems and help good habits grow.