About This Workshop

In our new BONUS workshop series, we’re breaking business best practices down into 60-minute sessions for you to apply in your organization.

The most important step of planning is to determine the three to five key priorities the company should focus on for the next planning period to move the organization forward. Sounds simple – right? But who’s responsible for making sure each one gets done? What about Individual Priorities and Child Priorities to support the overarching goals? How do you monitor success along the way? 

In this 60-minute workshop, your coaches will walk you through best practices for writing priorities, managing your progress throughout the period, and measuring your personal and organizational success – quarter over quarter!

You’ll walk away from this session with:

  • Tools to help you identify the top things you and your organization need to accomplish to move forward
  • Practice writing SMART – Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, Time Bound – priorities to set you and your team up for success
  • Exposure to Aligntoday.com – the official software of Petra, used for keeping priorities and their progress updated and front-of-mind

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