There is No Try.
Only Do.

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Building a Business on Purpose, Alignment, and Accountability

Andy Bailey

Petra Coach, AlignToday.com, and Nationlink Wireless

Business is hard, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. You choose to either have a business built by design or by default. By design is much easier and more valuable.

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Once in a while a book comes along at the right time and in the right space. Throughout history, especially when the world we live in looks bleak and scary, an inspirational book will appear that lets us know it isn’t that bad and life is good.

– ack Stack – CEO, SRC Holdings Corp., Author of the book The Great Game of Business

What makes No Try, Only Do a remarkable book is that Andy Bailey has been there and done that. Unlike many business coaches, Andy has been in the trenches. He’s built companies from the ground up, and he’s even had to go back in and completely re-build a company that had gone off the rails. This isn’t a business theory book. This is a business reality book. Buy it today!

– Joe Calloway, author, Becoming A Category Of One

Andy’s book is a must read for any entrepreneur wanting to truly grow their company the right way. The leverage you’ll get from his tools related to staying focused around your core purpose, alignment of team members, and driving accountability will bring every company to greater heights.

– Cameron Herold, Founder COO Alliance, Author of Double

Andy is a rare and special person one meets in life…someone who integrates what he believes, does and how he treats others…a natural outcome is being a great coach and business leader. His journey of success in leading his first growth company of scale (NationLink) is the foundation of credibility, practicality and confidence from which this book flows…sharing principles, stories and tools to help growth company leaders also live a journey of purposeful, enjoyable success.

– Keith Cupp, CEO Gazelles International Coaching Association