Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, “Mastering Authentic Leadership” with Michael Brody-Waite.

You can find the full recording here.

Be sure to get your copy of Michael’s book Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts and check out his Mask Free Rehab at a discounted Petra Coach price.

The below Illustrated Model is from The Vivid Ink Company. Kristin McLane and her team transform the spoken word into lasting and actionable works of art. Check them out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or their website.

Top Takeaways

Great leaders live like drug addicts – what does that mean?

Getting what you want as an entrepreneur the same way a drug addict wants to get their next hit

3 Behaviors that Addicts Use in Active Addiction

  1. Saying yes when you should say no
  2. Hiding weaknesses
  3. Avoiding difficult conversations

Don’t tell someone what to stop doing, tell them what to start doing

You can tell a leader to…

  • Just stop overcommitting
  • Stop being inauthentic
  • Stop working at 5 PM

But it won’t work – The real problem is addiction.

The Cost of Mask Addiction

  • Time
  • Growth
  • Connection
  • Innovation
  • Success

You will gain trust by sharing your weaknesses.

Mask Recovery

  • Rigorous authenticity
  • Surrender the outcome
  • Do the uncomfortable work

A truly inspiring leader tells you what they did, they don’t tell you what you should do. They say, “See what I do next and walk with me.”

Key Points

  • Surrender the outcome instead of trying to control it
  • Practice rigorous authenticity and let go of “what might happen”
  • Holding onto our past mistakes hinders us being present
  • Own the mistakes you have made in the past so that next time you can control your actions

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