Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, “Lead Like Your Life Depends on It: Why in a Pandemic Great Leaders Lead Like Drug Addicts” with Michael Brody-Waite.

If you’re a business leader, you need to see this.

You can find the full recording here.


To augment the recording, we noted takeaways and tips from the presentation. Register HERE for Michael Brody-Waite’s Mask Free Program – create a free account and take your own personal assessment. Click HERE to purchase your copy of his book, “Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts.”


Kristin McLane graphic Lead Like Your Life Depends on It

By Kristin McLane – The Vivid Ink Company


Top Takeaways

Leaders are fixing, managing and controlling perception at any cost to be great. The way they will lead will look like addicts in recovery – applying the recovery system as a leadership system.


What mask is holding you back?


There are 4 Masks that are Holding You Back:

  1. Saying yes when you could say no
  2. Hiding a Weakness
  3. Avoiding difficult conversations
  4. Holding back your unique perspective


90% of leaders report wearing a mask

You’re more like to start something than to stop something.


Mask Recovery by Using the 3 Principles:

  1. Practice rigorous authenticity
  2. Surrender the outcome
  3. Do uncomfortable work


Going through these 3 principles when you are in a situation and listing out the responses to each will help you to take off your mask, be authentic and grow.


Tips for Taking off the Mask:

  1. Say no
  2. Share weaknesses
  3. Have difficult conversations
  4. Share your unique perspective


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