Recently, Petra Coach hosted a Coaches’ Corner – a 1-hour session of live Q&A with Certified Petra Coaches. This webinar featured coaches Erik Frank, Greg Eisen, and Director of Operations Mandy Burage.

The content is invaluable to leaders during this unprecedented time.

You can find the full recording here.

To augment the recording, below is a brief recap of questions and answers from the session.

Q: What are you telling your clients to do right now around time management with so much going on around them?

Focus is so important. Reduce multitasking & prioritize what is most important. Block time on your calendar for specific things you need to work on. Also make sure that you are blocking that time in your “prime time” – when you do your best work. Know your team members’ prime time as well so that you can schedule items with them accordingly.

Book Recommendation: “When” by Daniel Pink


Q: What do you do if your team is constantly bringing you their problems and you are stuck putting out fires?

Let the team know you are there for them, but have them think of their own solutions to get through their problem rather than solve it for them. Give them the ownership and confidence to solve the problem on their own.


Q: What is the most important attribute that a leader can have?

The ability to listen is always important.

Right now what is most important is having a leader that can make a decision. Even if it’s the wrong decision, it can go back and be fixed, but they need to be able to make a decision in that moment.



Q: What should a leader not being doing right now?

Don’t be burying your head in the sand.


Q: Right now, services are being offered at a lower price. How do we tackle the problem of losing clients to price?

Compete with them on value and not the price. Build a relationship with the client and see if you can get around the price. Know what you’re good at and run with that. Ask your clients that are happy and satisfied with you why they do business with you.


Q: How do you ask for referrals right now?

Flash rule: have a memorized cue to use when you want to ask for a referral. When someone says “thank you” is a great time to ask. Compliment them on what you like about working with them and ask if they can recommend anyone so that they have a more narrowed referral in mind. Then, set up a call for them to chat with you about it.


Q: I am in the home care industry. How do we create “free” value to a caller?

Sometimes you have to do extra work and get no pay, but be mindful of what others need help with. In the long run, it could build a relationship that could be of value down the road. Ask them what they need right now, what their challenges are and then see how you could help them.


Q: How should we let people know what our new offerings are?

A good place to start is with your current clients and some light social media marketing.


Q: How do we best help our teams to feel safe at work?

Have a plan and be purposeful about the steps you take. Have someone be responsible for putting guidelines in place. Grab feedback of what’s working and what’s not working.


Q: Can you share the latest that you know about PPP loan forgiveness?

The best resource is at or It consists of an 11-page application you have to fill out. Things are changing regularly so keep looking for updates.

We have upcoming workshops around Government Relief through the end of June – the next being June 17.


Q: What does a Petra Coach engagement look like?

It’s different for every member depending on what area of the business the member wants to focus on. We have a virtual engagement offering that we are promoting right now. The outcome will be the same, the timing may just be a little different. We are still offering in-person plannings when it is safe to do so.


Q: How are you seeing companies maintain culture during these times?

No matter what, even if you have some remote team members, they are going to feel left out.

  • Notes of appreciation
    • Hand write it and send it through the mail
  • Virtual team-building sessions with third-party companies
    • Camp Cloud
    • Discount Code: PETRAPERKS


Q: Any really good pivot stories?

A member who makes test kits for the water industry is now making COVID related test kits and accessories.


Q: Tips to not get Zoom fatigue?

  • Natural light and fresh air
  • Take multiple breaks
  • Think about changing up your routine
  • Give yourself the option to stand up at your desk
  • A little bit of exercise – chair squats
  • Create a “When Life Works” List
    • Choosing 3-7 things that if you do every day, it’s a good day regardless
    • Identify those items and do them every day

Book Recommendation: “Mini Habits” by Stephen Guise


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