Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, Incorporating a Process Culture into Your Business with Chris Ronzio.

You can find the full recording below.

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Top Takeaways

About Trainual

Since the launch of Trainual, people from over 25,000 companies logging in from 193 countries documented millions of policies and processes.

Book Recommendation: The Business Playbook by Chris Ronzio

Do It. Document It. Delegate It.

3 Important Principles

Principle #1:

Don’t write the way, until there’s a right way.

  • 50-80% of the processes in your business should be documented.

Principle #2:

If you don’t capture their knowledge, you are renting their salaries.

Principle #3:

To grow, you much let go.

  • If you can’t let go/delegate, you can’t take on new responsibilities.

Where to Get Started

Your Company Profile

What to Document First:

  • Welcome to the Company
  • Mission, Vision, Values
  • Founding Story
  • Company Timeline
  • Your Menu
  • Your Business Model

Who’s Who and Who Does What?

“Whatever you do, just don’t do what I do.” -Montell Jordan

Business Translation: Everyone has their “front of the stage” tasks in every position in the company, and everything else is just support

Fill Out Your Responsibility Matrix

  • Each day, week, month, quarter and year
  • Last 2 weeks of sent mail
  • Calendar review
  • Other apps

The Rules of Your Workplace

  • Legal Policies
  • Benefits
  • Cultural Norms
  • What exists at your company that might be strange at someone else’s company?

If you’re looking for more unique ideas for your organization:

Doing Things the Same Way Every Time

Where to Start First:

  • What is done most often
  • What is done by the most people
  • What are you handing off next?


  • Don’t document alone
    • Process owners
    • New hires
    • Cross-departments

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