Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, “Hiring for Team Fit, First” with Chip Gallent.

This content is crucial for creating a hiring process that attracts the best candidates and ensures less turnover and greater overall team culture.

You can find the full recording here.

Top Takeaways

“The cost of a mis-hire is 5-27 times the cost of their annual salary”

– TopGrading, Brad Smart

This means the cost of hiring, training, salary, team filling in gaps when they’ve left

You still need to assess talent, skills and experience – just do that second to their team fit


Five Steps:

Be Quiet

  • We’re selling more than we’re interviewing
  • Get them talking
  • Use the 80/20 rule – You should only be talking 20% of the time

Core Values

  • Ask about their experience with these
  • Do they understand what a Core Value is?
  • Have they really been anywhere that they were alive in the organization?
  • Can they recite any from memory?

Share your Core Values with the Candidate

2 Key Questions:

  • Tell me what you think it means
  • Tell me about a time in your life where you had to demonstrate that core value, in great detail
    • Do this for each, and all, Core Values, individually. Do not skip this step!

The Question

  • Ask the candidate: We’re down to two finalists and you’re one of them. We decided to go with the other candidate. Why did we do that?
    • This will make them think about themselves and react and think on their feet

The Assessment

After the interview, score the candidate:

3 Questions:

  • Can they do the work? 0-10
  • Will they do the work? 0-10
  • Team fit? 0-10

No explanation is needed. Put it in the score.

If there is anything less than an 8 on Team Fit, you probably need to move on to another candidate


Q: What is the difference between can they vs. will they?

A: Some of it is their attitude, some is the enthusiasm for the job.

It gives you an opportunity to think about their responses during the core values questions and how they have performed in the past.

Think about the phrase “that’s not my job” – Will they do a task that might be beneath them?

Coach your team on how to do these kinds of interviews too

  • They’re typically assessing if they “like” someone
  • Have your team do way more interviews on team fit in order to home in on the RIGHT candidate for you

Q: What is the process of getting a non-team fit person out?

Use the Talent Assessment > go to

  • This will score the individual on the core values and productivity (not busy-ness)
  • Then have a real conversation with that individual
  • Use the talent assessment date to back up the conversation

Ask yourself the questions:

  • What would you do if you had ten people like them?
    • This helps you take the question into extreme situations
  • Would you enthusiastically rehire that person for the role?

Q: How do you then have that conversation?

Have a meeting with them, tell them what you are seeing and that you need to reassess whether or not they are a fit

Give them an action item to reassess how they interact with the team or involve themselves in the culture

If they do not change, another conversation may need to follow

Sometimes that person just needs a different role in the organization

Q: We’re having challenges with virtual hiring – any advice?

The quantity of interviews will help – have more members of the team interview the individual

If you are really interested in the person, fly out to meet them and safely visit them

Impromptu interviews – catch them on Facetime or ask them to hop on a virtual meeting in the next 15 minutes and see how they respond

Conduct a group interview with multiple people on the screen at one time

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