Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, “Going Virtual: How to Evolve Your Digital Sales and Marketing to Meet the Demands of Today’s Buyer” with Marcus Sheridan.

If you’re a business leader, this information is crucial to sharpening your skills and growing as a leader and team member.

You can find the full recording here.

To augment the recording, we noted takeaways and tips from the presentation.

Also get your copy of Marcus’ books: They Ask, You Answer and The Visual Sale.

Top Takeaways

Tell the client what you need before you virtually meet with them.


It is a myth that virtual close rates are lower because…

The number one factor that dictates who a prospect does business with is who they have a conversation with first.

70% of the time, the prospect will go with the company that they talked to first.


They say video isn’t face to face selling, but it is…

Relationship based business – You end up having more contact with the prospect because you are not coordinating back and fourth based on travel schedules.

It’s easier to schedule face to face videos.


If a customer says they can’t use video conference technology, it can because…

Example: Doctors offices and health professionals have started using technology and elderly people have learned how to use it.

Train your team to sell well over video. Just because they can do it well in person, does not mean that they can do it over video.


Don’t think of waiting this time period out, this is the future and change is going to happen.


Closing rates are higher when both parties video is turned on.

To get them to have their video on, explain the why and get their confirmation.

If you have a team on the call, be intentional with the flow of the conversation and use names so that there is participation and everyone is involved.

One-to-one video in email is more important than ever.

Selling through Email Tips

Sending a follow up video makes a huge impact.

It’s more efficient as well because it takes on average 3x less time to speak than to type and there’s no need to spell check.

Tool: Vidyard (



Today’s buyer wants to choose their own choice.

33% of all buyers would prefer to have a seller free sales experience – for millennials that’s 44%.



Gives the visitors on your site the ability to schedule time with your sales team without having to talk to you first.

People want to feel like they are in control of what they’re buying and that they have the tools they need to do that.

Tool: Acuity (


Self-Selection: The Touchless Sale

Ask questions on the website without using a sales person.

Include a series of questions where the buyer chooses their answer.

The question being to the prospect/buyer being: “What is the best ______ for me?”

Tool: Outgrow ( – calculators, quizzes, assessments, recommendations.)



People want to see the progress they are making (ex. Step 1 of 8)

Don’t assume that they know what you’re taking about.

Make sure you include blurbs that explain what you are selling and the details of what is going on.

Give them a price estimate.

Give them an option to then schedule a call.



Email if you have any further questions for Marcus

Q: Do you have a maximum time duration for the first video call with the potential customer?

Generally just keep it less than 30/45 minutes

Small talk is too long at the beginning and if you don’t get quickly to the points, the CEO gets bored

Less than 60 seconds of small talk


Q: When to send a video?

Before the call

Tool: – virtual selling with video



Every website should have a learning center with case studies, webinars, etc.

Think – what are the questions you most get asked by prospects, then answer those on your website.


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