Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, “From Start-Up to Best Places to Work: How Culture Changes Everything” with Tristan White.

This information is applicable to team members of all roles and levels for best practices on managing and maximizing your personal finances.

You can find the full recording here.

Be sure to get your copy of Tristan’s book Culture is Everything and subscribe to his podcast Think Big, Act Small.

The below Illustrated Model is from The Vivid Ink Company. Kristin McLane and her team transform the spoken word into lasting and actionable works of art. Check them out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or their website.

To augment the recording, we noted takeaways and tips from the presentation.

Top Takeaways

There are two parts to culture: People & Systems


Empathy Accountability Continuum

  • This is understanding empathy at one end and accountability at the other of the scale
  • Pick your point of where you need to sit based on who you are dealing with and the context of the conversation
  • The more your get to know someone, the easier it becomes to choose the right moment in time to lean towards either accountability or empathy

What does the curious side of this look like?

  • Be curious about the people on your team
  • Be curious about the people, the customers, and the world
  • What are they doing and how are they doing it?
  • Be willing to say, “hey that’s different, how did you do that?”

Calm & Connected

  • You need to be able to lead yourself and know where you are with yourself on the empathy accountability continuum
  • We can’t lead others unless we can lead ourselves
  • We need to understand our own fears and concerns
  • You can’t have a connection with your people unless you are calm and take the time to connect with the team and the people around them
  • Share your challenges


What you need to go do:

  1. Discover the Core
    • Your core purpose and core values – know who you are and what is important to you.
  1. Document the Future
    • Where are you going, your vision, BHAG, 10-year obsession (10-30 year timeline)
  1. Execute Relentlessly
    • This is how you make sure you get there.
    • Live your system: use your daily rituals like daily huddles
    • Make sure they are useful
    • Have a robust recruiting process – finding the right people and keeping them engaged / multistep and multi-person process when hiring – using a scorecard (a very detailed job description) when recruiting and having multiple people assess those people
  1. Show More Love
    • This is the part where you can quickly make progress
    • Know what is going on at home with your team
    • Recognition – Make sure there is peer recognition and recognition from leadership on a regular basis is very important
    • Sending cards on their anniversary or birthday
    • Having a budget for when bad stuff happens in people’s lives
    • Annual culture book – capture the memories of what happened with your team in that year. A video, a group of photos, a book.

Final Thoughts

Don’t rush it – do something 1% every day to work at this, or 1 task a week towards it

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