Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, Crowdfunding: Capital and the Community with Read Ezell.

You can find the full recording below.

If you’re in the Nashville area, be sure to attend the Nashville Community Capital Event on April 7, where a dozen Nashville start-ups with campaigns live on Wefunder will be pitching live to a room full of their supporters and investors.

Top Takeaways


Raise more capital while building customer loyalty.

Up until 2016, there had been a law since 1933, that said you had to have $1M net worth or income over $250K in order to invest in private companies. This limited people in 2 major ways:

  1. Limited access to capital
  2. Prevented majority of people from participating in one of the more dynamic ways to create wealth

Any person in America now can invest $2,200 a year in private companies – this increases when your income is over ~$40K, up to unlimited with a net worth over $1M.

WeFunder has raised over $500M for companies – over half in the last 2 years.

What is Regulation Crowdfunding?

A new way to raise capital made legal in May 2016

  • Raise up to $5M from unaccredited and/or accredited investors
  • Publicly promote the offering
  • Equity or debt

Why Use Regulation Crowdfunding?

  1. Easier way to raise capital
  • Public solicitation
  • A big universe of investors
  1. Army of champions
  • Turn customers into investors
  • Get direct feedback from investors/users

Who is a Good Fit?

  1. Raising $50K to $5M
  2. Keys to success
  • Offering good investments
  • A strong audience
  • Hustle

Why use WeFunder?

  1. Reach and visibility:+1M investors on WeFunder
  1. The first and largest: +40% market share
  1. Focused on Nashville: first office outside SF
  1. Low fees, nothing up front: 6.5% of investments under $25K

Case Studies

Addition Resources

  • Blog Post outlining a top-level approach to raising capital effectively on WeFunder
  • Podcast Episode with great advice for anyone planning to raise
  • Read’s personal Meeting Link for further questions

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