Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, Conversations with Ari Weinzweig.

If you’re a business leader, this information is crucial to creating and maintaining a strong foundation for your organization.

You can find the full recording here.

Ari also provided a number of resources and promo codes for upcoming events and learning opportunities:


Top Takeaways


Ari’s definition: Treating yourself with dignity while at the same time believing that nobody else is better than you. We all have a lot to learn from each other.

  • Humility is our natural state, but we all struggle to manage our ego – we crave praise
  • Humility is when we’re at our most human and most humble
  • Humility is self-respect and equivalent respect for everyone else

The violet is the flower of humility.

Employee & Customer Experience

It is important to leave people better than they were before – this goes for the restaurant business as well.

The whole team works together to make it an experience for the customer.

Even if the bussers aren’t doing their job, it’s going to throw off the rest of the team.

Servant Leadership

The work is to elevate the lives of the people in the organization.


There are negative beliefs, positive beliefs, and neutral beliefs.

  • Negative beliefs always create negative outcomes
  • You cannot create a positive outcome with a negative belief

Culture is essentially just the manifested in real form of our beliefs.

Your values are your ethically-based beliefs and they won’t change.


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