Program Overview

Our tools and practices are more than mere theoretical concepts lifted from business manuals. They’re tried and true tactics used to build multi-million dollar organizations. You can expect:

  • Virtual only
  • A certified Petra Coach and Accountability Coach
  • One Page Strategic Plan with process for execution
  • Kickoff and Quarterly team surveys
  • Accountability check-ins to reinforce habits (Team & Leadership)
  • Virtual Quarterly planning
  • Full access to Petra Perks

Program Details

  • Your Team

    1 Certified Gazelles/Scaling Up Rockefeller Habits Coach*
    1 Accredited Accountability Coach

  • Planning Schedule

    2 Days of Virtual Kick-Off Planning (6-8 Hrs.)
    4 Days of Virtual Quarterly Planning

  • Rockefeller Habits Implementation

    Custom 12-24 Month Roadmap
    With Monthly Check-ins

  • Leadership Coaching

    2 x Leadership Check-Ins (LCI’s) with your Coach

  • Meeting Rhythm Review

    Rockefeller Habits
    Meeting Rhythms Coaching

  • Accountability

    Team-Wide Weekly Reporting and Accountability Coaching
    2 x Check-ins with your Accountability Coach

  • Leadership Training

    Access to all Webinars and Online Content
    CEO 2X PFG Monthly Membership
    Unlimited Access to the Full Petra Coaching Team
    Team Access to Virtual Users Conference

Petra Perks

We have a number of additional included benefits, aside from coaching, that members have access to, making the Petra experience invaluable and unlike any other.

  • Webinars

    In our series of webinars, we feature a variety of subject matter experts, thought leaders and authors, as well as our own Certified Petra Coaches and Accountability Coaches. These 1-hour, weekly sessions range from presentation-style learning opportunities to open Q&A forums.

  • Workshops

    We host a number of workshops throughout the year, open to members for free or at a discounted rate, and the public. Topics range from 90 mins. around a particular Rockefeller Habit to half-day workshops to solidify the future of your organization.

  • PFG (Petra Forum Groups)

    PFGs – a conversation-based forum-style Zoom meeting – are specifically designed for individualized roles within your organization to connect with others in similar roles and experts in their field to problem solve and share experiences.

  • The Ascent

    A one-day virtual conference open to members and the public for in-depth learning on specific Rockefeller Habits including culture initiatives, cash growth and strategic implementation.

  • Petranet

    As a member at Petra Coach, you have access to our vast network of industry experts, thought-leaders, speakers and over 400 current and previous members. Take advantage of these relationships as resources to help your organization scale.

  • Tool Kit

    We partner to use a number of resources in helping your organization in becoming the best in can be including but not limited to: Topgrading, DiSC and Cash Flow Story.

  • Adventure Trips

    Coming Soon: Petra Founder and Head Coach Andy Bailey will open adventure retreats for member leaders to get out of the office to build themselves personally and professionally.