Recently, Petra Coach presented a webinar, Building a Strong Foundation: How BHAG, Core Values & Core Purpose Work Together to Empower an Organization’s Strategy with Andrew Abrahamson.

You can find the full recording below. Grab your copy of their book Pouring with Heart: The Essential Magic behind the Bartenders We Love, and be sure to check out one of their many bar locations!

The below Illustrated Model is from The Vivid Ink Company. Kristin McLane and her team transform the spoken word into lasting and actionable works of art. Check them out on FacebookLinkedInInstagram or their website.

Culture One Sheet

Core Values: Who Are You?

Our Shared Values

  • Everything starts with ‘we’ or ‘our’ because we do everything as a team.
  • Took about a year and a half to finally nail down the 6 core values we have today.

BHAG: What Are You Doing?

Our Mission

  • With the Core Values/Shared Values set, we know who we are – now what are we setting out to do? We want to open a bunch of venues, but why?
  • The goal really wasn’t to open X amount of venues – the goal was to expand what we’d already done: build a bunch of careers for folks who may not have had a shot otherwise.
  • The idea of careers is unique in the bar setting, but historically, a bartender was a very important role – often also serving as a paper boy or a doctor. A lot of pride and dignity came with that role.
  • Pouring With Heart is on a mission to re-establish this career.
  • With 20 careers per bar and a goal of 100 bars, 2000 careers made sense. Since it was a 10 year goal, they’d accomplish it by 2030, so the BHAG/Mission became 2030 by 2030.

Core Purpose: Why Are You Doing It?

Our Purpose

  • Why does this matter? Building 100 bars has never been done before; why go the extra mile?
  • For each other.
  • If you don’t show up or come up short, you’re disappointing your teammates and no one else, which encourages folks to rise to the occasion.
  • The hire people who align with this – not in it for the money or a temporary job.
  • Understanding the why is far more valuable that the what – it aligns people and keeps them going in the same direction.
  • “For each other” has become a toast, a sign off, etc. for the team.

How Will You Do It?


  • We changed our name to Pouring with Heart in 2019 because that’s part of how we plan to execute on our strategy.

Book Recommendation: Pouring with Heart: The Essential Magic behind the Bartenders We Love by Cedd Moses

  • The second part to that is to Lead with Heart (second book topic).

Where Are We Going?

Our Vision

  • The Vision is the part of our culture that’s infinite – where The Mission is very finite.
  • We’ll have to build a new mission, but the company and the culture will still be there.
  • The Vision is the “guiding light.”

*Blacked out in the image because it has yet to be launched to the team

Our Culture Bible

The Core Values Grid

  • We put together a book that goes into each piece of the Culture One Sheet in more detail.
  • It’s designed as a small booklet to carry around and keep with you.
  • Each Core Value/Shared Value also has a symbol that goes with it, designed to be a tattoo.
  • It ends with “Career Notes” to reinforce the concept that employees are building a career – not just a job.


Our Organizational Flywheel

Book Recommendation: Good to Great by Jim Collins

  • Flywheel’s purpose is to break down how the whole company works together seamlessly so we can actually achieve our goals
    • The “People Support” prepares current employees to be promoted.
    • “Acquisitions” buys more bars for those employees to build careers in.
    • “Development” gets those bars ready to use.
    • “Operations” build regulars.
      • We don’t want people to just stop in once or for a one-off event – we’re building bars for the communities they’re in.
    • “Finance” makes sure we’re utilizing that cash in the right way, so we can keep building careers .
    • The wheel starts turning over.
  • 1 person from each team represents that team on Leadership
  • Individual teams org charts display both the current structure, and upcoming structure.
    • This way, people know what they’re working toward as far as a promotion and can have those conversations to start growing toward that desired position.


  • Our Flywheel ends with a page laying out what each year looks like until Our Mission/BHAG is accomplished in 2030.
  • This way, everyone can visualize where we’re going and what we need in a simple, digestible format.

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