Good one on Leadership – John Spence wrote the book ‘Awesomely Simple’ – I have passed out over 200 copies of this book in the past few months and continue to hand them to leaders all over the globe – John has it right…. enjoy and improve. ‘Manage Activities – Inspire People!’

Bring Out the Best: Every morning, the best leaders commute to work asking this question: How can you do that? You start by not pigeonholing “How am I making my people better?” your people. When you look at an employee, don’t focus on what he can’t do or what others say about him. Look at he can do – and what he could do. Most times, they’re capabilities that he didn’t realize he had. You see, the best leaders don’t just hire people for today. They also weigh their potential. They keep their eyes open for personal interests, since that’s where their people will ultimately find their underlying abilities. Knowing that, leaders seek opportunities to help their talent build confidence. Even when their people fall short, they know it takes time, trial, and error before they finally flourish. In short, superior leaders see what others can’t because they look for it. And they push their people to a level they couldn’t envision on their own. And they reap the rewards as a result. What an incredibly powerful question to ask yourself every morning before you start the day.


***From John: get to the office, “How am I making my people better?” You need to adopt this practice, because as my friend Anthony Robbins pointed out to me: “The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of the questions you ask your self – and others.” Great leaders ask great questions and this is a wonderful question to start with.


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