Whether you’re an executive officer, a department manager, or a shift supervisor, you have a clear understanding of your team members’ top accountabilities. Without clear communication, your team may not share that understanding. They may have entirely different views on their job responsibilities and even why they’re getting paid. This disconnect between managerial and staff opinions can devastate productivity, performance, and team morale. In The 3 x 5 Coach, market strategist and leadership expert Dave Baney offers a simple, direct solution to this problem. Baney’s effective methodology helps supervisors and employees quickly agree on key job accountabilities while establishing objective systems for evaluating employee performance and growth. Simply put, everyone will know why they’re getting paid and what they must do to continue to meet and exceed their job requirements. Baney’s effective coaching system encourages collaboration between supervisors and staff. His methodology and tools are simple enough to use immediately and robust enough to scale up as your company or department evolves. You already hold employees accountable for their actions—now you can align their expectations with your own. It all starts with a blank 3 x 5 card.