It’s almost 5 p.m. on a Friday and you’re packing up for a well-deserved weekend. But a couple of days later, as you approach the end of Sunday, anxiety creeps in over what the coming week may hold — and the mountain of tasks you have ahead.

As an accountability coach at Petra Coach, I have participated in more than 80 company strategic planning sessions and 300 member company “daily huddle” meetings over the past year. Having reviewed countless priorities, I’ve noticed that the highest performing and most efficient team members spend the last part of Friday reflecting, organizing, and setting themselves up for the week ahead.

That’s right — the “Sunday scaries” don’t have to haunt you. In the midst of end-of-the-week deadlines and chaos, you can stay on track and aligned with your goals by dedicating 15 minutes on a Friday afternoon to making strides for the next week.

Why Friday?

It’s the best day to:

  • Reflect on your past week’s accomplishments
  • Review tasks that were not completed and why
  • Determine the “plan of action” for the week ahead while it is still fresh in your mind
  • Run through your priorities and task sheet as a reminder of what’s important for the period
  • Ensure you come in Monday morning stress free and ready to rock!

Your Friday cheat sheet

Here’s what to do on Friday to be prepared for Monday:

1. Check off your top priority for today

If you didn’t complete it, it becomes your top priority for Monday morning.

2. Update your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Review your goals and priorities for the quarter. Check off all completed tasks and make changes where needed.

3. Identify top tasks for the coming week

Identify three to five tasks you will complete over the week that will move priorities forward.

4. Fill in your personal high/low

What was great about this past week that you want to share with your team on Monday? And what was not as great, but that you worked through? If you have more to add to this update after the weekend, do so.

5. Fill in your business high/low

Since it is Friday afternoon, you should be able to easily think of standout moments (both a positive and a negative) that you want to share from the work week.

6. Write down any relevant information to share with the team

What has happened these past few days that you want to pass on (e.g., client feedback, software updates, good news, etc.)?

7. Review business topics/your ‘parking lot’

What ideas/topics would you like to discuss if there is time and room to do so?

8. Look at your calendar

Take a look at your calendar for next week and block off time to specifically focus on priority work.

Now you’re leaving the office on a Friday evening well versed on your priorities for the coming week and with a plan of action. Get ready to start Monday with purpose!