Imagine you’re in a boat and you’re headed toward the horizon. If you just stare at the horizon all the time, you’re never going to see any progress – it’s always changing. Same thing is true with life; same thing is true with business. If you’ll just drop a few buoys behind you, you can look back and you can visualize your progress – you can see your progress.  Andy Bailey, Founder and Head Coach

 This past month, we reached a huge milestone here at Petra Coach: our 3,000th planning day! This means we have spent 3,000 days in the room with organizations, helping them improve their businesses and teams. This means 3,000 different times, we have pushed individuals, teams and companies toward growth and alignment. This means we’d had 3,000 days of building relationships and encouraging others – and ourselves – to get 1% better each day. And this is something to celebrate!

The Road to 3,000

Petra Coach started in 2011, and we hit out first major milestone – 1,000 planning days – mid-2017. In the three and a half years since then, Petra has grown into something much bigger. We have ventured from working with members in our home base in Nashville and across the states, to Canada, to Western Europe, to the Middle East. We have reached people in a whole new way with virtual offerings and new opportunities to connect with our network of experts through workshops, forum groups and webinars. We have guided others – mentally, financially and physical – through some of the most challenging and unexpected times in both their lives and careers. We have taken our first major milestone and tripled it in nearly half the time. We have eaten our own dog food, and we have scaled!

Why Is This Important?

At our core, our purpose is to positively impact 10 million human beings (+10Mhb!) 3,000 days is equivalent to over 8 years spent solely dedicated to what we do best and making strides toward that goal.

And we’re just getting started…

How Can You Be #3,001?

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