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Having successfully implemented Scaling Up with over 600 organizations worldwide, we specializes in the Scaling Up methodology to help businesses achieve unparalleled growth. Our unique approach and proven results make us the premier choice for organizations seeking efficient and effective scaling solutions.

Whether you need help growing your company, strategic planning, raising capital, or navigating a challenging economic landscape, we leverages the most effective tools and evidence-based best practices of the Scaling Up methodology to help you achieve remarkable results.

If you’ve reached a plateau on your own, we can help you identify and overcome the limitations holding you back, propelling your business to the next level.

Your Petra Coaches become trusted confidantes and peer-to-peer sounding boards. Acting as your strategic and accountability partners, we work with you to create a scalable action plan designed to accelerate your success and ensure sustainable growth.

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Partnering with Petra Coach to implement Scaling Up in our organization has been a game-changer. The combination of a dedicated strategic coach and an accountability coach has significantly propelled our growth and scaling efforts. We couldn't be more grateful for the profound impact they've made.

How It Works

Improve Your Business and Team's Performance

Step One

Culture Assessment

Receive a free coaching session alongside a comprehensive report on where your team ranks in the six key areas of performance.

Step Two


Kick off with your coaches to define your strategy, values, goals, and initiatives so we can help build your roadmap to improve team execution.

Step Three

Planning Sessions

You and your team will meet each quarter with your coaches to re-align your goals, tighten accountability & work through future initiatives.

Step Four


One-on-one sessions for you, along with exclusive forum groups for your executive team each month, while we drive accountability check-ins.


Areas We Assess

Even the best businesses find themselves stuck due to unaligned teams, broken processes, or unclear business goals. We work directly with you and your executive team to identify clear measures of success, put systems, processes, and meeting-rhythms into place to ensure things get done. We help you build a culture of purpose, alignment, and accountability.

Owner Dependency

Distributing responsibility by leveling up the team.


Defining the direction of the organization.


Ensuring the flow of information to the team.


Fostering involvement within the organization.


Taking ownership of roles, metrics, and outcomes.


Achieving measurable gains across the board.

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Client: Litco Law | Size: 160+ Employees

Litco experienced remarkable growth and scalability in their organization by using Petra. By aligning their efforts with clear goals and embracing core values, Litco cultivated a culture of excellence and purpose among their team members.
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If you are wanting to take your company to the next level and have looked yourself in the mirror and said “I need help”, then Petra is the company you need to challenge you, push you, and develop your team to be positioned to deliver on and achieve your goals. Just do it.
Daphne T. Large
If you want to make the Rockefeller habits really sing, you need Petra Coach. Great strategies can only become truly great with excellent execution. With Petra you can get both!
McKeel Hagerty

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