WHO must you become in order to achieve what you want to achieve? The life you live and the company you have 5 years from now will be based on the learning you undertake today.

Petra Coach, in partnership with Gazelles Growth Institute, delivers the type of education that executives of today’s Fast Growing Companies really need. The All-Inclusive Scaling Up Club gives you the power of an in-house consulting Sirm. Would you like experts such as Malcolm Gladwell and Patrick Lencioni sharing their research-based business training with you and your managers?

We have assembled a faculty of the greatest thought and business leaders of our time through a cutting-edge educational platform that will enable you to maximize your learning in a minimum amount of time. The program, consisting of 105+ courses, provides skills and knowledge that you can use immediately to grow and succeed. Our e-courses also provide an opportunity for you and your team to learn together, making it easier to spread great ideas and practices throughout your entire organization. We also invite every Scaling Up Club member to join a monthly live webinar with a thought leader from the faculty.

We also understand that you need to create programs specific to your teams. With our ‘Learning Pathways’ tool, you can create personalized programming for team members and monitor progress and learning for each – creating a culture of accountability around learning.

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You can also join us for more intensive programs called Master Courses, which are 3-months long and focus on the implementation of various essential business areas such as sales, negotiations, business growth, hiring, etc. Based on a Hybrid-Education model that includes theory, practice and coached implementation, our Master Business Courses include interactive video and live classes designed to address your critical growing pains. See the most updated list of available programs here.