How would you like experts such as Verne Harnish and Patrick Lencioni sharing their research-based training with you and your managers – everyday?

Petra Coach – in partnership with Growth Institute – is delivering the type of education that today’s growth executives really need.

The Edge is a remote learning tool that helps you learn top business insights in just 10 minutes a day. By assembling a faculty of the top business thought leaders today, we’ve created a cutting-edge educational program that will enable you to maximize your learning in the most convenient way possible.

With The Edge, you’ll grow the skills and knowledge needed to execute with confidence and get faster results with your team. The 55+ courses in our library give you and your team the opportunity to learn together – making it easier to spread great ideas and practices throughout your entire organization. As a member of The Edge, you’ll also be invited to join a weekly, 30-minute live Conversation with a thought leader from the faculty.

Even more, you won’t have to shoulder the work of growing your leadership alone. Our Teams path will allow you to bring your team along the journey with you. You’ll create personalized learning paths for each member and monitor their progress – creating a culture of accountability around learning.

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Become a member of The Edge and enjoy the special 20% discount we have for the Petra community (for team packages only)...

The Edge+

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For 1 user per month


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The Edge Teams

Up to 10 users from the same company per month
Flexible pricing for extra members



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The Edge Premium

For larger organizations or those that want customized support and guidance. This includes up to 100 users from the same company per month



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You can also join us for more intensive programs called Master Courses, which are 3-months long and focus on the implementation of various essential business areas such as sales, negotiations, business growth, hiring, etc. Based on a Hybrid-Education model that includes theory, practice and coached implementation, our Master Business Courses include interactive video and live classes designed to address your critical growing pains. See the most updated list of available programs here.