DiSC® is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and more importantly communication within the organization. Communication is hard enough between two human beings and DiSC allows you to become aware of your own style and aware of others.

The DiSC assessment helps you and your team:

  • Understand the communication style of yourself and others
  • Increase sales skills by identifying your customer’s style
  • Provides common understanding of workplace behaviors
  • Helps create culture within the organization
  • Assist with hiring needs and departmental changes

What is the process?

The Everything DiSC® assessment itself takes about 10 minutes and produces a 20 page report with a precise measurement of your personality style. DiSC uses your individual assessment data to create a detailed report describing your preferences and priorities. You’ll learn how to connect better with colleagues whose styles are different from yours


What is the best style?

There is no style that is better than another style; it takes ALL styles to work together in a business. DiSC is not about labeling, it’s about discovery of yourself and others.

The Everything DiSC® Profiles are written with a focus on work and should be used to increase efficiency in the workplace. The Everything DiSC® Profiles should be taken by the management team if not the entire organization to truly benefit from the assessment.